Queries 64-65 for December 15, 1930


HOLLOWAY—BURCH—Wanted: Information concerning these families and especially military service records and ancestral lines. (a) JOHN HOLLOWAY was born in Culpeper County, Virginia on January 17, 1764; married WILLIE BURCH in 1791 in Clark County, Kentucky; soldier in the War of 1812; and died in Scott County, Illinois in September 11, 1844—Queries: 1. In what company and regiment did he serve; what was the length of his service in the War of 1812; was his service in the Kentucky or Illinois state troops; or did he serve in the regulars? 2. What were the names of his parents and what were their ancestral lines? —(b) MILLIE BURCH, (wife of JOHN HOLLOWAY), both above mentioned, was born on October 19, 1771; married, as above stated; and died on August 28, 1851 in Scott County, Illinois. Query: What were her ancestral lines? Any information will be appreciated. Address MRS. HENRY WILLIAM ENGLISH (SARAH JOHN ENGLISH), Regent, Chapter Daughters of 1812, 844 West College Ave., Jacksonville, Ill.


NIXON—(WYNNE?) —DARBY—Wanted: Further information concerning certain branches of said families. (a) WILLIAM NIXON married JANE ______, (maiden name probably WYNNE), about 1771 in Chester County, Penn., or in New Jersey. Query 1. Where were they married and where is said marriage recorded? 2. Can copy of records be obtained and what are the details of said record? —(b) HENRY DARBY and JAMES DARBY, (brothers), died soon after the Civil War and their home was located near the battlefield of the Battle of the Hatchie which was very likely near the Hatchie River and in Tennessee. It is thought that their father lived in South Carolina prior to migrating to Tennessee. Query 1. Where was the Battle of the Hatchie fought and was it so named on account of the Hatchie River in Tennessee. 2. Where are relatives of the above named DARBY brothers located and what were their ancestral lines? Desire to communicate with any relatives of said HENRY DARBY and JAMES DARBY. —Address: MRS. L. D. TEMPLE, P. O. Box 67, Upland, San Bernadino Co., California.


Query 63 for November 30, 1930

MACON—Wanted: JOHN MACON, son of Gideon Macon (the emigrant ancestor of the Virginia family, who settled in New Kent County), and Mrs. Martha Woodward Bigger (daughter of William Woodward), born December 17, 1695, married Ann_____ Queries: When did John Macon die? What was the maiden name of Ann______  Macon, and who were her parents? Was she a Hunt? When were Ann_______ and John Macon married? When was Ann_____ Macon born and when did she die? Would like to have the names of all their children.

Henry Macon, son of John Macon and his wife, Ann_________, married, as his first wife, Rebecca Mayo (born in 1732 and died before 1764), daughter of William Mayo and his second wife, Ann Parratt. The will of Henry Macon was probated in Cumberland County, October 24, 1785. Queries: When and where was Henry Macon born? When did Henry Macon die? When and where were Henry Macon and Rebecca Mayo married? When did Rebecca May die? What were the names of the other children of Henry Macon and Rebecca Mayo in addition to William and John? Was there a daughter Ann? If so, did she marry Francis Eppes Harris?

William Macon, son of Henry Macon, and Rebecca Mayo, married Sally Woodson (daughter of Tucker Woodson and Mary Netherland) about 1781. William Macon’s will was proved September 26, 1797, in Cumberland County, Virginia and Sally Woodson Macon’s will was proved, December 27, 1827, in the same county. Queries: When and where was William Macon born, and when did he die? When and where were William Macon and Sally Woodson married? When did Sally (Woodson) Macon die? It is said by some that William Macon married Ann Mayo prior to his marriage to Sally Woodson. Queries: What proof can be given of this marriage? Who were the children by this marriage, if any?  Were there other children besides Henry, William, Mary, Sally and Rebecca? If so, who were they? Did William Macon serve in the Continental Army?

Mary Mayo Macon, daughter of William Macon and Sally Woodson, married Richard Waters Michaux, son of Captain Joseph Michaux and Judith Woodson, about 1800. She died about 1813. Queries: When and where was Mary Mayo Macon born? When did she die? When were Mary Mayo Macon and Richard Waters Michaux married? When did Richard Waters Michaux die? Address: ALFRED H. BURR, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Query 62 for November 30, 1930

BOGGS—ADAMS—Wanted: William Boggs and Sarah Adams were married and living in Livingston County, Kentucky, in or near Smithland, about 1800. According to best information, both were dead by 1816. It is said that Sarah Adams Boggs was buried near Smithland. Children were: 1. Sue, married and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. It has been said that some of her descendants married into a family named Corbett, who resided at one time on the Gallatin Pike, out from Nashville. 2. Lavinia. 3. Elijah, moved to Bloomington, Illinois, where he married Mary Marshall Adams, oldest daughter of John and Pamela Adams. Later he moved his family to near Eureka, Illinois. 4. Robert Ewart, born April 28, 1808, died October 8, 1884. He married first, Hannah Eliza Duke Kelly, and married second, Juliet Kelly. Both wives were the daughters of Benjamin Kelly and Elizabeth Moore, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Christian County, Kentucky. He attended the Medical College of the University of Nashville, Tennessee. At about the age of seven he was left an orphan, and thereafter became a member of the family of a Mr. Prince of Princeton, Kentucky.

Queries: When and where were William Boggs and Sarah Adams born and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? Who were the parents of both William Boggs and Sarah Adams? Did William Boggs emigrate to Kentucky from Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Virginia? If not, from whence did he come to Kentucky? Did William Boggs serve in the Revolutionary War? Is he a son of Jane Stein and William Boggs, who is said to have come from Ireland to Chester County, Pennsylvania about 1728? Or, is he a son of Margaret Robinson and Robert Boggs, who both are said to have emigrated to this county from Scotland about 1740, and settled first in Delaware, and later in Kentucky? Address: ALFRED H. BURR, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Query 61 for November 30, 1930

GILLESPIE—VAN METER—Wanted: Information concerning these families (a) WILLIAM GILLESPIE, a soldier of the Revolution, migrated from Rowan County, North Carolina to Tennessee in 1825; thence to Mississippi; and was living in Fayette County, Mississippi, on June 1, 1840 with the family of D. V. Willes.

He was pensioned as he appears in the 6th census of pensioners. His known sons were John Gillespie, Matthew Gillespie and William Gillespie. He was buried in Chesterfield, Macoupin County, Illinois. —(b) WILLIAM SHANNON GILLESPIE married ACHSAH (or Axie) VAN METER on August 15, 1830 in Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois—(c) ACHSAH VAN METER (see above) had a sister, Catharine Van Meter; who married Thomas Taylor on November 13, 1822 in Greene County, Illinois; and a brother John Van Meter (name of wife unknown). Would like to get in touch with GILLESPIE (and allied) families. Would like to obtain the ancestral lines and also the dates of births, marriages and deaths of WILLIAM SHANNON GILLESPIE and his wife, ACHSAH (or AXIE) VAN METER.  Address—MRS. HENRHY WILLIAM ENGLISH, Registrar, Illinois Branch National Society, Daughters of the American Colonists, 844 West College Ave., Jacksonville, Illinois.

Query 60 for November 30, 1930

ROGERS—Wanted: Any information pertaining to the REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR., and his two sons, namely, WILLIAM ROGERS and DANSWELL ROGERS, Jr.—The said REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR., was born in Ireland in 1730; lived in Virginia; migrated to Tennessee; and died in Hawkins County, in said state in 1809—His son, WILLIAM ROGERS, was born in Virginia in 1760 and died in White County, Tennessee in November 1829, (one account says Nov., 1824). DANSWELL ROGERS, JR., (son of the REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR.), was born June 29, 1789 in Henry County, Virginia and died in Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia, on September 9, 1866. He was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Names of their wives with the dates of their births, marriages, and deaths are desired. Any information regarding the ancestral lines of the above married persons and their wives will be appreciated. Address: MRS. P. A. (LILLIE ROGERS) METHVIN, 29 Peachtree Circle, Atlanta, Georgia.

Query 59 for November 15, 1930


DUKE—MOORE—KELLY. Wanted: Juliet Duke, said to have migrated from England, married as her first husband, William Moore, said to have been a minister in the Episcopal Church, in or near Baltimore, Maryland, prior to 1790. Children by this marriage were: (1) Zedekiah _____ who moved to Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky, where he married Mary Patton about 1805. (2) Horace, who moved to St. Louis, Missouri. (3) Elizabeth married December 25, 1800, in Montgomery County, Maryland, Benjamin Kelly, son of Thomas, Sr., and Hannah (?) Kelly. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Thomas Reed, of the Episcopal Church.  They later moved to Kentucky, first to Bourbon County, and then to Christian County, near Hopkinsville, about 1805.

According to the best information available, Juliet Duke married, as her second husband, Thomas Kelly, son of Thomas Kelly, Sr., and Hannah (?) and brother of Benjamin Kelly, who married her daughter, Elizabeth Moore, by her first marriage. By this marriage, if the information at hand is correct, Juliet (Duke) Moore became the sister-in-law of her own daughter, Elizabeth (Moore) Kelly. The elder Thomas Kelly, according to family tradition, was kidnapped from Ireland when but a very small boy, was held for ransom and finally brought over to this country, and it is said he was hired out until his passage was paid to his abductors, or heir agents. Thomas Kelly was never certain whether or not his name was Kelly or O’Kelly. He is said to have married Hannah __________ but proof of this statement is not beyond question. Their children were: 1- Joseph, married Elizabeth Somers in Virginia, and later moved to Christian County, Kentucky, near Hopkinsville, where many descendants now reside. They were the parents of seven children. 2- Thomas, Jr., born 4 April, 1769, married Juliet (Duke) Moore (widow presently of Rev. William Moore), and mother of Elizabeth Moore, wife of Benjamin. 3- Benjamin, married 25, December 1800, Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Rev. Wm. Moore and Juliet Duke, in Montgomery County, Maryland. He died in 1841. They were the parents of sixteen children.

Queries: Who were the parents of Rev. William Moore and Juliet Duke? When and where were they born, and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? Wanted: Confirmation that the Christian name of the wife of Thomas Kelly, Sr., was Hannah. What was the surname of Hannah (—— Kelly) and who were her parents? When and where were Thomas Kelly, Sr., and Hannah —— born and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? When and where did Benjamin Kelly and his wife, Elizabeth Moore die? When and where were they born? Did Thomas Kelly, Sr., of (sic-and?) Benjamin Kelly, his son, serve during the Revolutionary War, of War of 1812? If so, with what troops? Address: Alfred H. Burr, P.O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Queries 57-58 for November 15, 1930


DAVIS—ADAMS—CORNELIUS—Wanted: Any information obtainable concerning the parents and ancestral lines of MARY (POLLY) DAVIS and her husband THOMAS ADAMS. They were married prior to 1811, as their daughter, ELIZABETH ADAMS, was born on July 20, 1811 in Christian Co., Kentucky. The said ELIZABETH ADAMS married BENJAMIN CORNELIUS on November 11, 1826, in Howard County, Missouri. The said MARY(POLLY) ADAMS nee Davis according to family traditions was in some way related to EX-PRESIDENT JEFFERSON DAVIS, C. S. A. who was a descendant of MORGAN DAVID (born 1622-23—died 1694-95). Where she was born; the names of her parents; and her brothers and sisters are unknown with the exception of a brother who was known as COL.  JOSEPH DAVIS who had a son named WILLIAM DAVIS. Any information will be appreciated regarding any of the above named families. Address: MRS. MABEL BROOKS BLUM, Registrar, Bonnie Blue Flag  Chapter No. 1852, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1808 North Haskell Ave., Dallas, Texas.


BEALE—WILSON—MacCRACKEN. Wanted: All information possible to be secured concerning CAPTAIN WILLIAM BEALE (name of wife unknown), who lived at Cambridge (now in Greenwood County formerly Edgefield District), South Carolina. He was a Revolutionary soldier. See Lossing’s “Field Book of the American Revolution”; “McCracken’s Seige (sic) of Ninety Six” and “Historical Selections on the Joseph Habersham Chapter,” D. A. R., Atlanta, Georgia, Vol. III, page 51.  His daughter, TABITHA BEALE, married a WILSON (either JAMES WILSON or WILLIAM WILSON); their daughter ELIZABETH married a MacCRACKEN (either JAMES MacCRACKEN or WILLIAM MacCRACKEN), and their daughter ELIZABETH  married BENJAMIN FARRAR EDDINGS of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1839.

Query 56 for November 15, 1930


(1) PATTON—POINTS—COWAN—BENNETT. —Wanted: Information desired concerning these North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana families. Data regarding ancestry and descendants desired, likewise all military service records. (a) JOHN MERCER PATTON, was living in North Carolina during the Revolution. Record of service desired. (b) ANDREW PATTON married MARY PATTON who was the daughter of JOHN and FANNY PATTON nee POINTS. (c) ANDREW DUNLAP PATTON married NANCY _________ in Nicholas County, Kentucky, in 1821 (d) DAVID PATTON married CLARA BENNETT and migrated to Indiana. (Editor’s note: Where does the COWEN (sic) family enter into the above data?) Information appreciated. Address (see below).

(2) KOONCE: Wanted: Information desired concerning JORMAN (JARMIN) KOONCE, who, prior to the Civil War, lived in Somerville, Tennessee. Personal data and ancestral lines requested. Address (see below).

(3) BEAN—TROUP—Wanted: The ancestral lines of WILLIAM BEAN and SUSAN TROUP. They were married before 1820 and migrated from Union County, South Carolina, about 1837, to Alabama. She had a brother named Matthew Troup. Address (see below).

(4) McQUEEN (QUEEN) —JONES—COLLEY—CARSON—Wanted: Information regarding these North Carolina families. (a) WILLIAM McQUEEN, a Revolutionary soldier and a bugler, was permanently lamed by being shot through both knees, changed his name to WILLIAM QUEEN after the said war. He lived for a while in North Carolina, migrated to Georgia, and lived near Atlanta, in said state during the Civil War. (b) JOEL QUEEN married URSULA JONES. (c) OLIVE QUEEN who was born in 1821; married in 1842. DANIEL CARSON COLLEY, who was born in 1820. (d) DR. JOSEPH CARSON (COLLEY?) born April 6, 1847; married, in 1880, CLEMMIE DAVIS. Data solicited about any of the above named persons. Address: MISS EDNA MERLE BROWN, 1128 N. W. 14th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Query 55 for November 15, 1930


(a) ( HUBARD—SHEPARD—COCKERHAM. Wanted: Information concerning these Virginia families. ROBERT SHEPARD, with wife JESSICA SHEPARD nee HUBARD, lived in Gloucester County, Virginia. Was he the son of ROBERT SHEPARD whose widow ELIZABETH SHEPARD nee COCKERHAM, married Thomas Warren? Ancestral and descendants wanted. Address—(see below).

(b) WILLIAMS—LIGON—ANDERSON. Wanted: Any information regarding these Virginia families. SAMUEL WILLIAMS, with wife SUSANNA WILLIAMS nee LIGON, died in Cumberland County, Virginia in 1827. Proof wanted as to whether he was a son or grandson of SUSANNA WILLIAMS nee ANDERSON who was the daughter of THOMAS ANDERSON who died in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1758. Ancestry of SAMUEL WILLIAMS, (see above), is desired. Address—(see below).

(c) WILLIAMS—LIGON—HARRIS—TANNER—OSBORNE. Wanted: Information concerning said Virginia families.  SAMUEL WILLIAMS, (see above),  who died in Cumberland County, Virginia, in 1827, as above stated, married SUSANNA LIGON, (see above),  in Amelia County, Virginia in 1766. Her marriage bond was signed by WILLIAM LIGON. Queries—1. Was he her father? 2. And if so, who was his wife, and when and where were they born, married, and died? 3. Was the said WILLIAM LIGON the son of JOSEPH LIGON (and JUDITH (?) LIGON) whose will is recorded in Chesterfield County, Virginia in 1751?—The said JOSEPH LIGON was the son of WILLIAM LIGON, (died 1694 in Henrico Co., Va.), whose wife was MARY HARRIS. She was the daughter of MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS and MARY HARRIS nee TANNER. The said MARY HARRIS nee TANNER was the daughter of JOSEPH TANNER. Queries. 1. Did the said JOSEPH TANNER marry a Miss Brown? 2. Are the ancestral lines of ADRIA OSBORNE, who married MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS, known? (Editor’s note: This last query numbered 2 regarding ADRIA OSBORNE is rather confusing owing to the fact that the name of the wife of MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS was given above as being MARY TANNER. Query by the editor: Was MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS married twice?). Any genealogical or historical data about any of the above named persons will be appreciated. Address: MISS KATHARINE K. ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Queries 52-54 for November 15, 1930


JEFFERSON—Wanted: Further information concerning the descendants of CHRISTOPHER and MARY ADDIE BRANCH who came to Virginia in 1619. Also the accurate descent of EX-PRESIDENT THOMAS JEFFERSON from said persons. Was he a descendant from JOHN JEFFERSON who came to Virginia about 1620? Address: James LIGON KENT, M. D., Pulaski, Pulaski County, Virginia.


MAYFIELD—BOONE—Wanted: The ancestral lines of JOHN MAYFIELD who was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1745 and married CLARINDA PLEASANTS in 1767.  Their son, JOHN MAYFIELD, (Jr.), who was born in 1768 and married CHARLOTTE BOONE on October 27, 1814 in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of JEREMIAH BOONE and JOYCE BOONE nee NEVILL (NEVILLE) who came to Kentucky from Virginia with her parents at the age of eleven years and died June 27, 1861, age 93 years, 1 month, and twelve days. The said JEREMIAH BOONE was born in Pennsylvania on February 29, 1760; migrated to Kentucky and on May 9, 1787, in Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky, married JOYCE NEVILL (NEVILLE), above mentioned. Information desired regarding the parents and the ancestral lines of the said JEREMIAH BOONE. Address: R. N. MAYFIELD, M. D., Suite A and rooms 315 and 316 Washington Building, 705 First Avenue, Seattle, Washington.


COUNCIL—CULVER—Wanted: Information concerning the REV. BENJAMIN COUNCIL, Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, whose mother was SARAH COUNCILL nee INGRAHAM. Also information concerning JAMES CULVER, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, who had a son JOSEPH CULVER who was born May 26, 1791. JOSEPH CULVER married, first, ELIZABETH CAREY of Revolutionary ancestry, and, married, second, MARTHA DUNMIRE. Who did the said JAMES CULVER marry and who were his parents? Address: DR. J. CULVER HARTZELL, Madisonville Road, Blue Ash, Ohio.