Query 75 for January 31, 1931


(a) COFFMAN—FRY (FREY). Christian Coffman, Sr. (July 4, 1769—Apr. 6, 1854) married Barbara Frey (Fry) (Apr. 6, 1770-July 27, 1813). Their homes were Rockingham and Augusta Counties, Virginia. Wish parents of both.

(b) WEAVER—STOVER. David Weaver (Apr. 1, 1788-Jan. 9, 1857) married Eva Stover. They lived in Centre County, Pa., and moved to Wayne County, Ohio. Wish parents of both.

(c) MOYER—STAUFFER. Matthias Moyer (Apr. 29, 1801-Aug. 1, 1859) married (2nd) Elizabeth Stauffer (Stouffer) Sept. 5, 1813—Aug. 4, 1887). They lived in Wayne County, Ohio, and Miami County, Indiana. Wish parents of both.

Address Dr. J. CULVER HARTZELL, Madisonville Road, Blue Ash, O.


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