Queries 76-77 for January 31, 1931


PATTON—McCLINTOCK—POINTS—COWAN—BENNETT—Wanted: Further information regarding the following persons: (a) COL. JOHN MERCER PATTON, a soldier of the Revolution, who lived in North Carolina and married SUSANNA McCLINTOCK. (b) ANDREW PATTON who married MARY PATTON (daughter of JOHN PATTON and FANNIE PATTON nee POINTS. ANDREW and MARY may have been born in Kentucky. (c) ANDREW DUNLAP PATTON married NANCY COWAN on March 22, 1831 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. They evidently moved away from Nicholas, Co., Ky., soon after their marriage as up to the present date I have found no other trace of them in said county. (d) DAVID PATTON married Clara Bennett in Kentucky, studied medicine, and practiced same in Indiana after the War between the States. His wife was a Southern sympathizer and he was Northern in his ideas.—Any information whatsoever concerning any of the persons named above regarding dates of births, marriages, deaths, proof of residence, etc., will be gratefully received. Address: MISS EDNA MERLE BROWN, 1128 N. W. 14th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


TAFT—FARNUM—BROWN-NEWELL—Wanted:  Information regarding the following Massachusetts and New Hampshire family lines. | SILAS TAFT married MARY FARNUM and lived in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Their son was | EPHRAIM TAFT who was born on July 14, 1749; married on January 21, 1791, ABIGAIL BROWN; and died in Winchester, New Hampshire. She died in the same town. Their son was | RUFUS TAFT who was born on November 10, 1783 in Richmond, New Hampshire; married on March 10, 1807, CATHERINE NEWELL, (daughter of JOSEPH NEWELL), of Richmond, New Hampshire; and died on May 24, 1840 in Winchester, New Hampshire. She was born on September 10, 1785; married as above stated; and died September 21, 1840 (date from gravestone in Winchester, New Hampshire). Queries: What were the names of the children of | EPHRAIM TAFT and ABIGAIL TAFT nee BROWN. What were his services in the Revolutionary war? | Was there another EPHRAIM TAFT and if so who did he marry? Any information regarding any of the above named persons and their ancestral lines will be appreciated. Address: MRS. HENRY WILLIAM ENGLISH (MRS. SARAJOHN ENGLISH), Regent Chapter National Society of the Daughters of 1812), 844 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, Illinois.


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