Query 73 for January 15, 1930


GABBERT (GEBERTH) —KING—BROWN—LONDERMAN—Wanted: Further genealogical data concerning certain ranches of these families who resided in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The following information has been obtained and additional data is desired. (a) MICHAEL GEBERTH with wife SABINA (maiden name unknown) lived in Chester Co., Penn. In the same neighborhood was a family named Koenig who later migrated to Virginia and settled in either Orange or Albemarle Counties. The said MICHAEL GEBERTH and family also migrated to Virginia (exact date unknown) and lived near the Koenig family mentioned above. MICHAEL GEBERTH (I.) and wife SABINA (see above) had a son named MICHAEL (II.) who evidently changed the spelling of the name to GABBERT (see below).

(b) MICHAEL GABBERT (II.) born in Penn. he married KATHARINE (CATHERINE) KING. Family tradition says that they were very likely ar in Orange Co., Va. A notation in an old song book says that they “Settled somewhere in the Shanandoah Valley”. Their children were: 1. MICHAEL GABBERT | (see below); 2. John Gabbert who died when a child; 3. Jacob Gabbert; 4. Mathias Gabbert; 5. Margaret Gabbert; 6. Catherine Gabbert who married Phillip Horn (a common German name). Many persons from this family of children are supposed to have migrated to the Green River section of Kentucky. Some of this family lived in Overton Co., Ky., and some of them later moved into Clinton Co., Ky., whose descendants still reside.

(c) MICHAEL GABBERT (III.) see above, was born in 1765 (or 1768) and was very likely the first born of his parents. He died in 1840 (or in April 1843). He was a soldier of the Revolution in at least two different regiments, viz., Three months in Captain Moore’s Company, Col. Vance’s Virginia Regiment, and there months in Capt. William’s (sic) Company, Col. Boger’s (might be Roger’s) Va. Regiment, enlisting in the spring of 1781. He was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his army at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781. (He was allowed a pension by the U. S. Government under the Act of 1832 while residing in Mercer County, Ky. Have number of pension claims). After the Revolutionary War and while he was still a young man he left his relations and “Went in search of a wife down in EASTERN TENNESSEE, and stopped in CARTER CO.” There he met and later, about 1788 married ELIZABETH BROWN, who was the daughter of BENJAMIN BROWN and SUSANAH (SUSAN) BROWN nee LONDERMAN. The said ELIZABETH GABBERT nee BROWN was born about 1768 and died in 1855 in Iowa. According to family tradition it is presumed that the said MICHAEL GABBERT (III.) may have known the Brown family in Virginia, (probably Albemarle County, Orange County, or the Shenandoah Valley), and went to visit them in EAST TENNESSEE. It is thought that the Brown family was probably German and spelled the name Braun. Also it is thought that MICHAEL GABBERT and ELIZABETH BROWN were married in East Tennessee about 1788 as their oldest child was born either in Tennessee or Virginia on October 23, 1789. Their children were: 1. HENRY GABBERT, see below; 2. Michael Gabbert (IV.); 3. David Gabbert; 4. Benjamin Gabbert; 5. Jesse Gabbert; 6. John Gabbert; 7. William Gabbert; 8. George Gabbert; 9. Jacob Gabbert; 10. Susan Gabbert; 11. Catharine Gabbert; 12. Mary Gabbert; 13. Celia Gabbert; 14. Elizabeth Gabbert.

(d) HENRY GABBERT, (see above), married KATHARINE HOLSAPPLE, and their daughter was ELIZABETH GABBERT who married ISAAC SHELBY BUSKIRK and their daughter KATHARINE ADELAID BUSKIRK who married WILLIAM HENRY YODER and their son was the undersigned Albert H. Yoder. Further ancestral lines of the above mentioned persons will be greatly appreciated. Especially regarding the GABBERT—KING—BROWN families. Address: ALBERT H. YODER, Director of University Extension, University of North Dakota, 507 Reeves Drive, Grand Forks, North Dakota.


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