Query 72 for January 15, 1930


CHAMBLIN—Wanted: further information regarding the ancestral lines and descendants of George Chamblin who was born —— 1748, and died in Bourbon Co., Kentucky on Sept. 23, 1821. the tax list of Frederick Co. Va. from 1783-1794, contains the name of George Chamblin. His name appear for the first time on the tax list of Bourbon Co. Ky.  In 1795. He was married twice and had children by each wife. His children by an earlier marriage, (name of wife unknown) were: 1. Betsey Foster; 2. Polly Harper (given name duplicated – see below), who was born on April 28, 1778, (for further information see query 66, (DAVIS CHAMBLIN) in the issue of December 15, 1930 in this department). 4. Moses Chamblin who was the father of Nelson Chamblin and Baylis Chamblin of St. Louis, Missouri. Nelson Chamblin, just mentioned was the grandfather  of beautiful Nellie Hazeltine (Mrs. Frederick Caramore).

The said George Chamblin (first mentioned), and by his last wife, Frances ____ (maiden name unknown) the following named children. (a) William Chamblin who was married three times (see paragraph below for further information). (b) Dr. George Chamblin (name duplicated — see below), who died in New Orleans, La., on Feb. 13, 1820. The Draper Collection has a letter written by him from London, England., dated May 22, 1819 (c) James Chamblin, (estate settled in Bourbon Co., Ky. before 1826). (d) John Chamblin, (estate settled in Bourbon Co., Ky. before 1826). (e) Coleman F. Chamblin who was married twice and lived for a while with his first wife, America Vivion, in Boone Co., Ky. Their children were: Ann Chamblin; America V. Chamblin and Signoria Chamblin. His second wife was Eliza Lovering and their children were: George Chamblin; Mary Chamblin; Flavel Chamblin; Robert L. Chamblin. The said Coleman F. Chamblin died in Higginsville Missouri in 1857. (f) Dr. Braxton Winn Chamblin who was the Yooungest child and was born on March 16, 1805, and died on Jan. 21, 1865 in Boone County, key. He was a member of the Kentucky state legislature in 1859. He married his first wife, Margaret McClanahan, in Fayette Co. Ky. in 1832 and married his second wife, Elizabeth Love, in Boone Co., Ky. in 1844. (g) Polly (given name duplicated — see  above). (h) Mary Chamblin (will probated in 1824). (i) Lucy Chamblin whose estate was settled in Bourbon County, Ky. before 1826. (j) Nancy Chamblin who married, on Apr. 25, 1804, Stephen Johnson Winn of Clarke Co., Ky. (k) Frances Chamblin married Dr. Daniel A. Million Aug. 8, 1822. Their son Dr. John L. Million lived in Springfield, Illinois.

William Chamblin.(a) see above, was married three times. The issue by his first wife, Nancy Chamblin was: George Chamblin. He married second on March 10, 1811, Mary Ann Keas who was the daughter of Isaac Keas (of Clarke County, Kentucky), and his wife Mary. The issue of the said William Chamblin and his second wife, Mary Ann Chamblin nee Keas were: William Chamblin, Jr., Isaac Chamblin, and Mary Chamblin. He married third, on September 21, 1824, Isabella Richardson in Clarke County, Ky. Their issue as follows: John Latimer Chamblin Marquis Richardson Chamblin, Isabella Chamblin, Lucy Chamblin, and Henrietta Chamblin. _______ The said GEORGE CHAMBLIN (born 1748 and died 1821), first above mentioned, and his last wife FRANCES—(maiden name unknown) were members of the Bryan Station Baptist Church in Kentucky. Additional information concerning the above mentioned persons will be greatly appreciated by the undersigned. Address: MRS. MADELEINE SMITH, 1410 South 18th Street, Birmingham, Ala.


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