Query 71 for January 15, 1930


(a) ANDERSON & WILLIAMS—MASSIE—POINDEXTER Wanted: the following information. Was Robert Anderson (1) (about1640-1712) of New Kent and Hanover Counties, Virginia, and wife Cecelia Massie, father of Thomas Anderson of Hanover and Albemarle Counties who died in 1758, naming children but not his wife in his will, (made 1757)? Cecilia Massie is said to have been a daughter of D. Massie and Lucelia Poindexter. Is this true, and who were D. Massie and Lucelia Poindexter? Susanna, daughter of Thomas Anderson, married a Williams: Roger Williams, John Gannaway, Sr., and John Gannaway, Jr., were witnesses of his will. Who was Susanna’s husband? Shall be glad to hear from anyone interested in this Thomas Anderson, as well as the Massie and Poindexter Families. (See address given below).

(b) LEASURE—LE SUEUR. Abraham LeSueur and wife Catherine Poinsett came to South Carolina about 1695. Was he related to an Abraham Leasure whose son John Leasure was born 1760, York County, (now Adams), Penn.? Abraham Leasure of York County, Pa., had the following children: Daniel Leasure born 1758; John Leasure born 1760 and married Sarah Crow; Abraham Leasure married Jane Marshall; Mary Leasure married John Endig; Margaret Leasure married Frederick Weaver; Elizabeth Leasure married Henry Clever. This family lived in Westmoreland County, Pa. during the Revolutionary War. Further information desired. (See address given below).

(c) BONNER—James Bonner and wife Nancy lived in Xenia, Ohio in 1818. Can anyone give me any information about them? (See address given below).

(d) CROUCH—CHRISFIELD. John Crouch married Sept. 22, 1691, in Cecil County, Maryland, Cornelia Chrisfield. Further information desired.

(e) PENNINGTON —— Amos Pennington, born 20th of 5th month, 1764, Bucks County, Penn., in 1768 went with his parents to Gunpowder M. M., Baltimore County, Maryland and about 1788 or 1789 went to Huntington County, Penn. He married Elizabeth ____. Who was born October 4, 1770, died July 25, 1831. Who was Elizabeth? Was she an Emerson? (See address given below).

(f) KELLY—GLASS—LEASURE—CROSBY. Thomas Kelly died in Kent County, Delaware, during the Rev. War. His son James Kelly married Nellie Glass and went from Kent County, Delaware, to Perry County, Ohio. Clarissa Kelly, a daughter of James Kelly, married Isaac Leasure (son of John Leasure and Margaret Crosby), about 1804 in Westmoreland County, Pa. Information about these families desired. Address: MISS KATHARINE KELLOGG ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.


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