Query 69 for January 15, 1930


(a) HOWARD—GIBBS—SHARPE. Wanted: Additional information (1) ANNE HOWARD married JOHN GIBBS, marriage bond in Knox County, Tennessee, dated Aug. 4, 1797.  Matthew Harper bondsman and Hugh Lawson White witness. (2) JEAN HOWARD married DANIEL SHARPE. John Gibbs (her brother-in-law), bondsman and Andrew White witness. HOWARD GIBBS, and SHARPE ancestry desired.  (See address given below).

(b) GRILLS. Wanted: Communication desired with the descendants of JOHN and PHILADELPHIA GRILLS who were residents of Albemarle County, Virginia prior to 1764. They removed to Montgomery County, Virginia about 1764 and to Tennessee about 1975. Wills of both filed in Knox County, Tennessee in 1803. They named seven children, viz., 1. Richard Grills; 2. Elliot Grills; 3. John Grills; 4. Eleanor Grills who married the famous Col. Thomas Ingles; 5.  Mildred Grills who married a Johnstone; 6. Martha Grills who married John McAdoo, 2nd; 7. Elizabeth Grills who married a Cox. Information desired regarding the ancestry of JOHN GRILLS and the maiden name and ancestry of his wife, PHILADELPHIA GRILLS. (See address given below).

(c) RHEA—BLAIR—ROGERS. Wanted: Further information regarding these North Carolina and Tennessee families. JESSE RHEA was born in North Carolina in 1779-1780 and married MARGARET BLAIR, (daughter of WILLIAM BLAIR), in 1802 in Blount County, Tennessee. She was born in Maryland in 1785, JESSE RHEA and wife Margaret removed to Monroe County, Tennessee. According to the census of 1850 they had living with them, viz., LEWIS RHEA, age 24 and RILEY RHEA, age 21, both born in Tennessee. Information is desired regarding the parents of this JESSE RHEA who was born in North Carolina in 1779-1780; also the names of his brothers and sisters. He had one brother, given name unknown, who died in Knox County, Tennessee, between 1806-1810. This brother died leaving a widow, (who married a Rogers and removed to Texas), and three sons, viz., Francis Rhea, William H. Rhea, and Lewis L. Rhea. The given name of the father of these three boys and the maiden name of their mother, and the given name of the Mr. Rogers that she married are particularly desired. Address: Mrs. JOHN McCURDY HEADMAN, (MARY HOSS HEADMAN), Haddonfield, New Jersey.


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