Query 66 for December 15, 1930


DAVIS—CHAMBLIN—Wanted: The ancestral lines of the following named persons. MARY DAVIS was born July 18, 1778; married GEORGE CHAMBLIN, (1.), (born April 28, 1778); and lived in Frederick County, Virginia until 1815. They were living in Hampshire County, Virginia in 1820 and in 1831 they were in Jefferson County, Ohio where they lived until their deaths. Their children were: 1. French Chamblin who married Hannah Purcell. 2. Ellzey Chamblin who married Delilah Nixon and lived in Peoria, Illinois. 3. Samuel Chamblin who married Caroline Thornberry. 4. Thomas Chamblin who married Polly Lester. 5. George Chamlin (II.) (Note that this George Chamblin (II.) had later, a half-brother also named George), married first Drusilla Irwin and married second Frances Smith, 6. Aaron Burr Chamlin who married Elizabeth Higgins. 7. Malinda Chamblin who married _______Capper. 8. Elizabeth Chamblin who married first Elijah Cheeseman and married second _____Hall. 9. Sarah Chamblin who married James Longstreth. 10. Nancy who married Ebenezer Sprague. GEORGE CHAMBLIN (I.) (first above mentioned who married MARY DAVIS), had a son by a later marriage who was named George Hamblin the same as the son by the earlier marriage. Further information will be appreciated. Address: MISS MADELEINE SMITH, 1410 South 18th Street, Birmingham, Alabama.