Queries 64-65 for December 15, 1930


HOLLOWAY—BURCH—Wanted: Information concerning these families and especially military service records and ancestral lines. (a) JOHN HOLLOWAY was born in Culpeper County, Virginia on January 17, 1764; married WILLIE BURCH in 1791 in Clark County, Kentucky; soldier in the War of 1812; and died in Scott County, Illinois in September 11, 1844—Queries: 1. In what company and regiment did he serve; what was the length of his service in the War of 1812; was his service in the Kentucky or Illinois state troops; or did he serve in the regulars? 2. What were the names of his parents and what were their ancestral lines? —(b) MILLIE BURCH, (wife of JOHN HOLLOWAY), both above mentioned, was born on October 19, 1771; married, as above stated; and died on August 28, 1851 in Scott County, Illinois. Query: What were her ancestral lines? Any information will be appreciated. Address MRS. HENRY WILLIAM ENGLISH (SARAH JOHN ENGLISH), Regent, Chapter Daughters of 1812, 844 West College Ave., Jacksonville, Ill.


NIXON—(WYNNE?) —DARBY—Wanted: Further information concerning certain branches of said families. (a) WILLIAM NIXON married JANE ______, (maiden name probably WYNNE), about 1771 in Chester County, Penn., or in New Jersey. Query 1. Where were they married and where is said marriage recorded? 2. Can copy of records be obtained and what are the details of said record? —(b) HENRY DARBY and JAMES DARBY, (brothers), died soon after the Civil War and their home was located near the battlefield of the Battle of the Hatchie which was very likely near the Hatchie River and in Tennessee. It is thought that their father lived in South Carolina prior to migrating to Tennessee. Query 1. Where was the Battle of the Hatchie fought and was it so named on account of the Hatchie River in Tennessee. 2. Where are relatives of the above named DARBY brothers located and what were their ancestral lines? Desire to communicate with any relatives of said HENRY DARBY and JAMES DARBY. —Address: MRS. L. D. TEMPLE, P. O. Box 67, Upland, San Bernadino Co., California.


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