Query 63 for November 30, 1930

MACON—Wanted: JOHN MACON, son of Gideon Macon (the emigrant ancestor of the Virginia family, who settled in New Kent County), and Mrs. Martha Woodward Bigger (daughter of William Woodward), born December 17, 1695, married Ann_____ Queries: When did John Macon die? What was the maiden name of Ann______  Macon, and who were her parents? Was she a Hunt? When were Ann_______ and John Macon married? When was Ann_____ Macon born and when did she die? Would like to have the names of all their children.

Henry Macon, son of John Macon and his wife, Ann_________, married, as his first wife, Rebecca Mayo (born in 1732 and died before 1764), daughter of William Mayo and his second wife, Ann Parratt. The will of Henry Macon was probated in Cumberland County, October 24, 1785. Queries: When and where was Henry Macon born? When did Henry Macon die? When and where were Henry Macon and Rebecca Mayo married? When did Rebecca May die? What were the names of the other children of Henry Macon and Rebecca Mayo in addition to William and John? Was there a daughter Ann? If so, did she marry Francis Eppes Harris?

William Macon, son of Henry Macon, and Rebecca Mayo, married Sally Woodson (daughter of Tucker Woodson and Mary Netherland) about 1781. William Macon’s will was proved September 26, 1797, in Cumberland County, Virginia and Sally Woodson Macon’s will was proved, December 27, 1827, in the same county. Queries: When and where was William Macon born, and when did he die? When and where were William Macon and Sally Woodson married? When did Sally (Woodson) Macon die? It is said by some that William Macon married Ann Mayo prior to his marriage to Sally Woodson. Queries: What proof can be given of this marriage? Who were the children by this marriage, if any?  Were there other children besides Henry, William, Mary, Sally and Rebecca? If so, who were they? Did William Macon serve in the Continental Army?

Mary Mayo Macon, daughter of William Macon and Sally Woodson, married Richard Waters Michaux, son of Captain Joseph Michaux and Judith Woodson, about 1800. She died about 1813. Queries: When and where was Mary Mayo Macon born? When did she die? When were Mary Mayo Macon and Richard Waters Michaux married? When did Richard Waters Michaux die? Address: ALFRED H. BURR, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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