Query 62 for November 30, 1930

BOGGS—ADAMS—Wanted: William Boggs and Sarah Adams were married and living in Livingston County, Kentucky, in or near Smithland, about 1800. According to best information, both were dead by 1816. It is said that Sarah Adams Boggs was buried near Smithland. Children were: 1. Sue, married and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. It has been said that some of her descendants married into a family named Corbett, who resided at one time on the Gallatin Pike, out from Nashville. 2. Lavinia. 3. Elijah, moved to Bloomington, Illinois, where he married Mary Marshall Adams, oldest daughter of John and Pamela Adams. Later he moved his family to near Eureka, Illinois. 4. Robert Ewart, born April 28, 1808, died October 8, 1884. He married first, Hannah Eliza Duke Kelly, and married second, Juliet Kelly. Both wives were the daughters of Benjamin Kelly and Elizabeth Moore, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Christian County, Kentucky. He attended the Medical College of the University of Nashville, Tennessee. At about the age of seven he was left an orphan, and thereafter became a member of the family of a Mr. Prince of Princeton, Kentucky.

Queries: When and where were William Boggs and Sarah Adams born and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? Who were the parents of both William Boggs and Sarah Adams? Did William Boggs emigrate to Kentucky from Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Virginia? If not, from whence did he come to Kentucky? Did William Boggs serve in the Revolutionary War? Is he a son of Jane Stein and William Boggs, who is said to have come from Ireland to Chester County, Pennsylvania about 1728? Or, is he a son of Margaret Robinson and Robert Boggs, who both are said to have emigrated to this county from Scotland about 1740, and settled first in Delaware, and later in Kentucky? Address: ALFRED H. BURR, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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