Query 60 for November 30, 1930

ROGERS—Wanted: Any information pertaining to the REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR., and his two sons, namely, WILLIAM ROGERS and DANSWELL ROGERS, Jr.—The said REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR., was born in Ireland in 1730; lived in Virginia; migrated to Tennessee; and died in Hawkins County, in said state in 1809—His son, WILLIAM ROGERS, was born in Virginia in 1760 and died in White County, Tennessee in November 1829, (one account says Nov., 1824). DANSWELL ROGERS, JR., (son of the REV. DANSWELL ROGERS, SR.), was born June 29, 1789 in Henry County, Virginia and died in Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia, on September 9, 1866. He was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Names of their wives with the dates of their births, marriages, and deaths are desired. Any information regarding the ancestral lines of the above married persons and their wives will be appreciated. Address: MRS. P. A. (LILLIE ROGERS) METHVIN, 29 Peachtree Circle, Atlanta, Georgia.


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