Query 59 for November 15, 1930


DUKE—MOORE—KELLY. Wanted: Juliet Duke, said to have migrated from England, married as her first husband, William Moore, said to have been a minister in the Episcopal Church, in or near Baltimore, Maryland, prior to 1790. Children by this marriage were: (1) Zedekiah _____ who moved to Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky, where he married Mary Patton about 1805. (2) Horace, who moved to St. Louis, Missouri. (3) Elizabeth married December 25, 1800, in Montgomery County, Maryland, Benjamin Kelly, son of Thomas, Sr., and Hannah (?) Kelly. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Thomas Reed, of the Episcopal Church.  They later moved to Kentucky, first to Bourbon County, and then to Christian County, near Hopkinsville, about 1805.

According to the best information available, Juliet Duke married, as her second husband, Thomas Kelly, son of Thomas Kelly, Sr., and Hannah (?) and brother of Benjamin Kelly, who married her daughter, Elizabeth Moore, by her first marriage. By this marriage, if the information at hand is correct, Juliet (Duke) Moore became the sister-in-law of her own daughter, Elizabeth (Moore) Kelly. The elder Thomas Kelly, according to family tradition, was kidnapped from Ireland when but a very small boy, was held for ransom and finally brought over to this country, and it is said he was hired out until his passage was paid to his abductors, or heir agents. Thomas Kelly was never certain whether or not his name was Kelly or O’Kelly. He is said to have married Hannah __________ but proof of this statement is not beyond question. Their children were: 1- Joseph, married Elizabeth Somers in Virginia, and later moved to Christian County, Kentucky, near Hopkinsville, where many descendants now reside. They were the parents of seven children. 2- Thomas, Jr., born 4 April, 1769, married Juliet (Duke) Moore (widow presently of Rev. William Moore), and mother of Elizabeth Moore, wife of Benjamin. 3- Benjamin, married 25, December 1800, Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Rev. Wm. Moore and Juliet Duke, in Montgomery County, Maryland. He died in 1841. They were the parents of sixteen children.

Queries: Who were the parents of Rev. William Moore and Juliet Duke? When and where were they born, and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? Wanted: Confirmation that the Christian name of the wife of Thomas Kelly, Sr., was Hannah. What was the surname of Hannah (—— Kelly) and who were her parents? When and where were Thomas Kelly, Sr., and Hannah —— born and when and where did they die? When and where were they married? When and where did Benjamin Kelly and his wife, Elizabeth Moore die? When and where were they born? Did Thomas Kelly, Sr., of (sic-and?) Benjamin Kelly, his son, serve during the Revolutionary War, of War of 1812? If so, with what troops? Address: Alfred H. Burr, P.O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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