Query 55 for November 15, 1930


(a) ( HUBARD—SHEPARD—COCKERHAM. Wanted: Information concerning these Virginia families. ROBERT SHEPARD, with wife JESSICA SHEPARD nee HUBARD, lived in Gloucester County, Virginia. Was he the son of ROBERT SHEPARD whose widow ELIZABETH SHEPARD nee COCKERHAM, married Thomas Warren? Ancestral and descendants wanted. Address—(see below).

(b) WILLIAMS—LIGON—ANDERSON. Wanted: Any information regarding these Virginia families. SAMUEL WILLIAMS, with wife SUSANNA WILLIAMS nee LIGON, died in Cumberland County, Virginia in 1827. Proof wanted as to whether he was a son or grandson of SUSANNA WILLIAMS nee ANDERSON who was the daughter of THOMAS ANDERSON who died in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1758. Ancestry of SAMUEL WILLIAMS, (see above), is desired. Address—(see below).

(c) WILLIAMS—LIGON—HARRIS—TANNER—OSBORNE. Wanted: Information concerning said Virginia families.  SAMUEL WILLIAMS, (see above),  who died in Cumberland County, Virginia, in 1827, as above stated, married SUSANNA LIGON, (see above),  in Amelia County, Virginia in 1766. Her marriage bond was signed by WILLIAM LIGON. Queries—1. Was he her father? 2. And if so, who was his wife, and when and where were they born, married, and died? 3. Was the said WILLIAM LIGON the son of JOSEPH LIGON (and JUDITH (?) LIGON) whose will is recorded in Chesterfield County, Virginia in 1751?—The said JOSEPH LIGON was the son of WILLIAM LIGON, (died 1694 in Henrico Co., Va.), whose wife was MARY HARRIS. She was the daughter of MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS and MARY HARRIS nee TANNER. The said MARY HARRIS nee TANNER was the daughter of JOSEPH TANNER. Queries. 1. Did the said JOSEPH TANNER marry a Miss Brown? 2. Are the ancestral lines of ADRIA OSBORNE, who married MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS, known? (Editor’s note: This last query numbered 2 regarding ADRIA OSBORNE is rather confusing owing to the fact that the name of the wife of MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS was given above as being MARY TANNER. Query by the editor: Was MAJOR THOMAS HARRIS married twice?). Any genealogical or historical data about any of the above named persons will be appreciated. Address: MISS KATHARINE K. ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.


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