Queries 57-58 for November 15, 1930


DAVIS—ADAMS—CORNELIUS—Wanted: Any information obtainable concerning the parents and ancestral lines of MARY (POLLY) DAVIS and her husband THOMAS ADAMS. They were married prior to 1811, as their daughter, ELIZABETH ADAMS, was born on July 20, 1811 in Christian Co., Kentucky. The said ELIZABETH ADAMS married BENJAMIN CORNELIUS on November 11, 1826, in Howard County, Missouri. The said MARY(POLLY) ADAMS nee Davis according to family traditions was in some way related to EX-PRESIDENT JEFFERSON DAVIS, C. S. A. who was a descendant of MORGAN DAVID (born 1622-23—died 1694-95). Where she was born; the names of her parents; and her brothers and sisters are unknown with the exception of a brother who was known as COL.  JOSEPH DAVIS who had a son named WILLIAM DAVIS. Any information will be appreciated regarding any of the above named families. Address: MRS. MABEL BROOKS BLUM, Registrar, Bonnie Blue Flag  Chapter No. 1852, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1808 North Haskell Ave., Dallas, Texas.


BEALE—WILSON—MacCRACKEN. Wanted: All information possible to be secured concerning CAPTAIN WILLIAM BEALE (name of wife unknown), who lived at Cambridge (now in Greenwood County formerly Edgefield District), South Carolina. He was a Revolutionary soldier. See Lossing’s “Field Book of the American Revolution”; “McCracken’s Seige (sic) of Ninety Six” and “Historical Selections on the Joseph Habersham Chapter,” D. A. R., Atlanta, Georgia, Vol. III, page 51.  His daughter, TABITHA BEALE, married a WILSON (either JAMES WILSON or WILLIAM WILSON); their daughter ELIZABETH married a MacCRACKEN (either JAMES MacCRACKEN or WILLIAM MacCRACKEN), and their daughter ELIZABETH  married BENJAMIN FARRAR EDDINGS of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1839.


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