Query 51 for October 31, 1930


DAVIS—Wanted: Any information concerning the ancestors and descendants of JOSEPH DAVIS, (name of wife unknown). The following information was copied from a letter dated March 9, 1927 and written by Mrs. Dunlap, viz., “It appears that JOSEPH DAVIS had a daughter, Eleanor Davis who married on March 9, 1964 John Danthit, Jr.; and a son Morgan Davis who married on January 19, 1763; and a son Joseph Davis who died in 1792 leaving children, (namely, Thomas Davis, Joseph Davis, William Davis, Nathan Davis, Anthony Davis, Allen Davis, Cherry Davis, Betsy Davis, Wiley Davis, and Tanner Davis); and a son John Davis who went to Green County, Ga.; and a son WALTER DAVIS who married REBECCA LYCAN, etc.” I am descended from the said WALTER DAVIS who married REBECCA LYCAN. WALTER DAVIS, just mentioned, was born in 1735 and died on December 18, 1800, age 65 years. His wife REBECCA Davis nee LYCAN was born in 1736 and died on March 1, 1784, age 48 years. They are both buried in Steele Creek Church Cemetery near Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and the dates of deaths and ages are copied from the inscription on their tombstones. A Coat of Arms is engraved on the tombstone of WALTER DAVIS.

The children of WALTER DAVIS and REBECCA DAVIS nee LYCAN were: (according to Mrs. Dunlap), 1. Walter Davis, who married first Anne McCorkle and married second Mary Oliver, (I have names of their children); 2. JAMES DAVIS who married PRUDENCE BELL, (I have the names of their children); 3. John Lycan Davis who married first Jane Elliot and married second Elizabeth Bell, (I have the names of their children); 4. Joseph Davis who married Elizabeth Campbell; 5. Mary Davis who married Hugh Parks, Jr.; 6. Rebecca Davis who married John McDowell, Jr., (I have the names of their children); 7. Esther Davis who married John Bell; 8. Elijah Davis—no record. (Note: The name Elizabeth Bell given above may have been Eugenia Bell). After the death of his wife, REBECCA DAVIS nee LYCAN, in 1784, the said WALTER DAVIS evidently married again as his will dated November 13, 1794 gives the name of his wife as Elizabeth. The names of two other children appear in the will, namely, William Henry and Elizabeth who are likely to be children by this second marriage. The given names of the children given in the will of WALTER DAVIS are as follows:  William Henry, Elizabeth, John Lycan, Walter, JAMES, Elijah, Esther, and Rebecca. (Editor’s note: According to this list the name of Mary Davis who married Hugh Parks, Jr., and Joseph Davis who married Elizabeth Campbell were not mentioned in the Will). The above mentioned Will was recorded in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The undersigned, J. D. HILL is descended from JOSEPH DAVIS, (See first JOSEPH DAVIS mentioned above); WALTER DAVIS who married REBECCA LYCAN; and JAMES DAVIS who married PRUDENCE BELL. (Mrs. Dunlap suggests that the first mentioned JOSEPH DAVIS may have been the son of a Moses Davis or a Jean Davis. Nothing very definite having been submitted in proof of the suggestion). My grandmother on my father’s side was a DAVIS. Any further information will be appreciated. Address: J. D. HILL, P. O. Box 335, Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina.


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