Query 46 for October 31, 1930


BOONE—GRISSOM—Wanted: The ancestry of NAHAN BRYANT BOONE and his wife, MATILDA BOONE nee GRISSOM. NATHAN BRYANT BOONE was born April 1, 1811, Deer Creek, Tennessee (?), died July 11, 1893, Coldwater, Miss; married April 5, 1835, MATILDA GRISSOM who was born May 16, 1808, Carthage, Tennessee and died April 18, 1892, Coldwater, Miss. The brothers and sisters of NATHAN BRYANT BOONE were: Ezekiel Boone who went to Mexico; Henry Boone who went to Kentucky; Charles Boone who went to Missouri; Rebecca Boone who married a Brown and lived in Missouri; Barbara Boone who married a Mitchell and lived in Lee County, Miss.; and Lydia Boone who married a Vinson and lived in Mississippi. The children of NATHAN BRYANT BOONE and MATILDA BOONE nee GRISSOM were: 1. Adelia Boone born July 17, 1836, married a Ingram, and died December 2, 1909; 2. John Henry Boone born September 12, 1839 and died October 11, 1903; 3. Pickney (?) C. Boone born September 8, 1841, died July 8, 1910; 4. Laura Rebecca Boone born July 16, 1843, married A. DeShazo, and was living in 1930; 5. William Alonzo Boone born October 1, 1846 and died January 26, 1928; 6. Charles Franklin Boone born January 8, 1854 and died February 9, 1921. Address: MRS. LINNIE WRIGHT, 3803 Travis Ave., Dallas, Texas.


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