Query 41 for October 15, 1930


GANNAWAY—MacGREGOR—GREGORY—Wanted: To correspond with (or secure any information concerning) any families named GANNAWAY or any descendants from said family. There was presumed to be but one family of this name in the colonies in the days of the early settlements.

The first two of record were two brothers named JOHN GANNAWAY and MARMADUKE GANNAWAY who were living in Virginia in 1721 and perhaps, arrived there prior to said date. (Date of their arrival desired). 1. JOHN GANNAWAY according to “an old sampler” married MARY MacGREGOR whose ancestry is not known. The said MARY GANNAWAY nee MacGREGOR had a son who was named GREGORY GANNAWAY and as there was a neighbor named Edmund Gregory there is a possibility that there was a relationship between the MAC GREGOR and GREGORY families. (Information is desired concerning relationship, if any.) The said JOHN GANNAWAY had a son named WILLIAM GANNAWAY who was born in New Kent Co., Va., in 1723. (See records St. Peter’s Parish Registry). A land transaction is shown in King William Co., Va., in 1723 between JOHN GANNAWAY and William Johnson. The said JOHN GANNAWAY, (later known as SR.), died in Buckingham Co., Va., in 1783. His son JOHN GANNAWAY II, who married MARY _________, died in 1770, and she died in 1793. The names of some of their children are known, viz., (a) William Gannaway (born 1747—died 1800) who married Elizabeth Wright; (b) Gregory Gannaway (born 1753—died 1804) who married Rhoda Robertson; (c) John Gannaway III (born 1748—died 1827) who married Martha Woodson; (d) Thomas Gannaway who married Sally _______; (e) Robert Gannaway who may have married Lucy Woodson or Warren; (f) Edmund Gannaway whose wife’s name is unknown. (The descendants of Robert Gannaway and Edmund Gannaway have not been traced; (g) A daughter who married Robert Sanders; (h) a daughter who married James Johns; (i) a daughter who married John Woodson; (j) a daughter who married Charles Walker; (k) a daughter who married Reuben Seay; (l) a daughter who married Edward (?) Morgan. Some of the descendants of the above family were named Molloy, Jones, Shepard, Greene, and also many of said descendants lived in Rutherford Co., Tenn. 2. MARMADUKE GANNAWAY, (who married HANNAH _____________), had at least two daughters, namely, Hannah Gannaway who was born in New Kent Co., Va., in 1734 and Sarah Gannaway who was born in said country in 1736. Names and addresses of any descendants of this family named GANNAWAY or any information will be welcomed. Correspond solicited. Address MISS KATHARINE K. ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Ill.


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