Queries 39-40 for October 15, 1930


McADOO—Wanted further information concerning JOHN McADOO, WILLIAM McADOO, and ANDREW McADOO. 1. JOHN McADOO was in Augusta County, Va., as early as 1753; and was in that section of Augusta County that was later formed into Botetourt Co., Va. In 1770. He sold his lands in Botetourt Co., Va., in September 1778 and his wife ANNE McADOO, signed the Virginia deeds, also in the same year he entered lands in Washington Co., N. C. (now Greene Co., Tenn.). He appears as a Juror in Washington County in 1780 and his wife, ANNE McADOO, appears in the Washington County records in 1780 in a deposition in behalf of Mary Greer against WILLIAM McADOO. The said JOHN McADOO disappears from the records of Washington County, Tenn., when Greene Co. was formed in 1783; and later sold his lands in Greene Co., Tenn.; and the family appears to have removed to Anderson Co., Tenn. No record has yet been located of the death of the said John McAdoo. Are the above named of JOHN McADOO the names of one and the same person? 2. WILLIAM McADOO was paid for service in Botetourt Co., Va., in 1775; and appears as a Juror in Washington Co., in 1780. After Greene Co., Tenn., was formed from Washington Co., in 1783 he does not appear in the records of either Greene or Washington Counties, Tenn. 3. ANDREW McADOO died in Jefferson Co., Tenn., in 1806, leaving five daughters. Queries. 1. When and where did JOHN McADOO die? 2. What was the date of his birth and the date of his marriage to ANNE McADOO nee _____? 3. What were the names of both their parents and what were their ancestral lines? 4.  What was the relationship (if any) of the said JOHN McADOO to WILLIAM McADOO of Botetourt Co., Va., (and Washington  Co., Tenn.), and ANDREW McADOO of Jefferson Co., Tenn.? Any information will be appreciated. Address, MARY HOSS HEADMAN. (Mrs. John McCurdy Headman), Haddonfield, New Jersey.


GIBBS—Wanted: Information concerning the ancestral lines of NICHOLAS GIBBS and wife name unknown, (tradition says that her name was Evelyn, Eveland, or England), also any further details regarding them, or their descendants. The said NICHOLAS GIBBS settled in Knox Co., Tenn., about 1790 and was a Magistrate there as early as 1795-1796. He died in said county, in 1817, leaving a widow named MARY GIBBS nee ________. He names thirteen children, namely, John, David, Jacob, George, Nicholas, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Catharine, Silphena, Sophia, and Barbara. Kindly address, MARY HOSS HEADMAN. (Mrs. John McCurdy Headman), Haddonfield, New Jersey.


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