Queries 49-50 for October 31, 1930


HARRISON—GIBSON—Wanted: Any Genealogical data about the HARRISON and GIBSON families. JAMES HARRISON was one of the early settlers in Sumner County, Tenn. He came there from South Carolina about 1785. There is a tradition in the family that he was a Revolutionary War soldier and related to Ex-President William Henry Harrison. (Editor’s note: Ex-President William Henry Harrison was descended from an early Virginia family.) The said JAMES HARRISON, (see above), married CYNTHIA GIBSON before coming to Tennessee. Their children were: 1. James Harrison; 2. Nat Harrison; 3. Cynthia Harrison who married Robert Wynne of Sumner County, Tenn.; 4. A daughter who married a Williams; 5. SUSAN HARRISON born 1789 and married ARCHIBALD McKISSACK. (Editor’s note: See query McKISSACK—HUDSON in this issue).—Query: Who were the parents of JAMES HARRISON, from South Carolina, see above, and what was his Revolutionary War service? CYNTHIA HARRISON nee GIBSON, see above, had a brother named Roger Gibson who was also an early settler in Sumner County, Tenn. She had a sister named Rhoda Gibson who married James Odom who was also an early settler in Sumner County and a half-sister who was named Susan Black who married General James Winchester of Sumner County, Tenn. The said CYNTHIA HARRISON nee GIBSON had two half-brothers named John Black and Gabriel Black. Query: Who were the parents of CYNTHIA GIBSON who married JAMES HARRISON, (SR.), both above mentioned? Would like to correspond with any descendants of the HARRISON and GIBSON families. Address: MISS SALLIE LEE LIGHTFOOT, 212 Church Street, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.


HILL—Wanted: Any genealogical information concerning the parents of ISAAC HILL and their ancestral lines. Also any information regarding his wife and her ancestral lines. The family of ISAAC HILL moved from Virginia to North Carolina. The following children of the said ISAAC HILL are known, namely, 1. John Hill who married Huldah Jackson; 2. Abraham Hill—no further record; 3. James Hill born 1759 who married Anne Robinson; 4. Eliza Hill who married Burwell Lanier. Any information regarding the above named persons will be appreciated. Address: J. D. HILL, Box 335, Bishopville, South Carolina.


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