Queries 47-48 for October 31, 1930


CALVIN—PEGRAM—Wanted: Any information concerning the descendants of DANIEL CALVIN, JEREMIAH CALVIN, and JAMES CALVIN who were Revolutionary soldiers from Virginia. Likewise the ancestors named CALVIN of SAMUEL TANNER CALVIN who came from Virginia, (probably from Petersburg, Va.), to Alabama in 1830. He married MARIAH MANSON PEGRAM in 1837. She was from Brunsiivic ? (may be Brunswick), Virginia. He died in Athens, Alabama, on March 27, 1855. Address: Mrs. EDWARD M. BLACKBURN, Route 2, Athens, Limestone County, Alabama.


McKISSACK—HUDSON—Wanted: To correspond with any descendants of the McKISSACK and HUDSON families. THOMAS McKISSACK (born 1756) and enlisted in the Revolutionary war from Caswell County, North Carolina. He married, about 1780, MRS. LUCY EDWARDS (a widow) whose maiden name was HUDSON.  Their children were: 1. Rebecca McKissack, born 1782 and married Wilson Jones; 2. William McKissack born 1783, married first Eleanora Salade and married second Janet Thomson; 3. Spivy McKissack born 1785, married first Eliza Smiser and second Mrs. Jeffries; 4. ARCHIBALD McKISSACK born 1789 and married SUSAN HARRISON; 5. Susan McKissack born 1790 and married George Simmons. Query: Who were the parents of THOMAS McKISSACK?—MRS. LUCY McKISSACK, (wife of THOMAS McKISSACK, see above), was the widow of Isaac Edwards and they had a son named Isaac Edwards. She was born in 1754 and her maiden name was LUCY HUDSON, as above stated. (This HUDSON family was descended from very early settlers of that name in Virginia). Query: Where was LUCY HUDSON born and what were the names of her parents? Address: MISS SALLIE LEE LIGHTFOOT, 212 Church Street, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.


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