Queries 35-36 for September 30, 1930


HARRIS—Wanted: The names of the parents, wife, children, and all information possible to obtain concerning CLAIBORNE (CLABORN) HARRIS who was on the muster roll, (taken on October 8, 1754), of a Granville County, North Carolina (Militia) Regiment under the command of COL. WILLIAM EATON. (See State Records of North Carolina, Vol. 22, page 370—Also all information possible to obtain concerning CLAIBORNE (CLABORN) HARRIS. Ensign in CAPTAIN JONATHAN KITTRELL’S Company (N. C. Militia) in the year of 1771. (See North Carolina State Records, Vol. 22, page 165). CLAIBORNE (CLABORN) HARRIS was given in the first census of the United States (1790) as living in the Leeds District, Granville County, North Carolina. Query: Are all the CLAIBORNE (CLABORN) HARRIS names above mentioned identical as the name of one and the same person? Any information will be appreciated. Address: MRS. A. T. HERRING, Route 1, Box 98, Golden, Colorado.


RUTLEDGE—HEXT—Wanted: All the information possible concerning DR. JOHN RUTLEDGE and his brother ANDREW RUTLEDGE who was a lawyer. Both were natives of Ireland and arrived in Carolina about 1735. DR. JOHN RUTLEDGE married a MISS HEXT and was the father of JOHN RUTLEDGE (the Statesman), and EDWARD RUTLEDGE, the Singer,—ANDREW RUTLEDGE also married a MISS HEXT. Did he have a son, EDWARD RUTLEDGE who married ANN GILLESPIE and lived in or near Blackburg, Virginia? He died there on February 6, 1833. Any data or information as to where further data may possibly be obtained will be greatly appreciated. Address— MRS. H. H. SIMPSON, P. O. Box 154, High Springs, Fla.


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