Query 34 for September 15, 1930


NAGELY—RUSH—GREGG—(the name NAGELY variously spelled as Neigeley, Naigeley, Neghly, Negter, Negley and Nagely)—Wanted: Information establishing the parents and further ancestry of PAULSER NEIGELEY and his second wife_______NEIGELEY nee RUSH  who was a sister of Dr. Rush who married a sister of PAULSEY NEIGELEY. The said PAULSEY NEIGELEY was a planter in Augusta County, Virginia and his estate was probated on March 1, 1774, (Crab Apple Bottom), as POLLIS NEGTER (PAULUS NEGHLY). The children of PAULSER NEIGELEY and __________NEIGELEY nee RUSH were: 1. GEORGE NEIGELEY born July 20, 1759; married SARAH PHARES (PHARIS); and was living near Springfield, Ohio when he died March 27, 1811. (The family lived here nearly 80 years); 2. Elizabeth Neigeley who married Paul Hinkle and they had eight children (seven sons and one daughter); five of these sons were preachers, one an editor, and one a doctor; the daughter, Christina Hinkle married Jacob Hinkle; 3. Sarah Neigeley who married Johnson Phares; 4. Margaret Neigeley who married Jacob Root. David Neigeley born September 11, 1738 was a son by the first marriage of PAULSER NEIGELEY served in the Revolutionary war and was supposed to have afterwards settled in Penn.

GEORGE NEIGELEY and SARAH NEIGELEY nee PHARES (PHARIS) (both above mentioned), were the parents of the following children: 1. Christina Neigeley born December 23, 1784, married George Miller; 2. JOHN NEIGELEY born November  22, 1786, married ELIZABETH GREGG (see below); 3. Henry Neigeley married Betsy Hyer; 5. Elias Neigeley born December 23, 1793 married Betsy Huffman; 6. David Neigeley born August 22, 1795; 7. Elizabeth Neigeley born October 19, 1799; 8. Sampson Neigeley born May 5, 1802; 9. Paulser Neigeley born September 3, 1804, married Martha Baughm; 10. Zebadee Neigeley born October 19, 1806, married Lydia Briggs.

Notes that may have a bearing on the above family: Note 1: Martin Veagle on “Ship Young William for Virginia,” 1679. Note 2: Hans Georg Nogelle on “Ship William and Sarah,” September 21, 1727. Note 3: Among the 30,000 names by Rupp of early emigrants was the name of Bastian Nogle on August 26, 1741 on the ship Anderson. Note 4. August 1753, Augusta County, (Virginia?), among the court notes “John Nigley gone to Carolina,” Note 5: On August 18, 1772 in Augusta County, Virginia, administrators were appointed for the estate of Sebastian Neigley. Note 6: George Naigeley lived in Pendleton County, Virginia, above Harpers Gap on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River. In 1795 180 acres of land was issued. They moved to Ohio in 1811. Query: Was Hans Georg Nogelle the father of PAULSER NEIGELEY and Sebastian Neigley? JOHN NEIGLEY came to California in the “Covered wagon train in 1849.” The writer is descended from JOHN NAGELY (NEIGELEY) and ELIZABETH GREGG (both above mentioned). The said ELIZABETH NAGELY had a brother named George Gregg who moved to Waynesville, Illinois. There were many persons by the name of RUSH who lived in Culpeper County, Virginia and also there were many by that name in North Carolina. The GREGG family lived in that part of Augusta County, Virginia that later became Pendleton County, Virginia. Any data on the families named NAGELY, (NEIGELEY), RUSH and GREGG will be appreciated. They were all in Augusta County (later subdivided to form Pendleton), Virginia. Regarding the various spellings of the names NAGELY, I will say that my grandfather spelled the name NAGELY; his brother spelled it NEGELY, and his uncle spelled it NAGELY. It is my belief that the family originally came from Switzerland and many living around Zurich, Switzerland spell their names NAGELL. Address: MRS. LIDA BOSLER HUNTER, 1020 Bush Street, San Francisco, California.


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