Query 33 for September 15, 1930


KINYOUN—GREGORY—ETHERIDGE—HILL—Wanted: (a) Any genealogical and historical information regarding the KINYOUN, GREGORY, ETHERIDGE, and HILL families of North Carolina also Revolutionary war service of said families. Are the GREGORY families of North Carolina related to the families of Virginia and if so who were the persons who migrated to new homes in North Carolina? JAMES KINYOUN was born in England about 1754 and came to America; served in the Revolutionary war and was an Assistant Paymaster in General George Washington’s army. (There was a sheet of Continental money to strengthen this family tradition.) Service reference wanted. He married an ETHERIDGE of Currituck County, North Carolina. The said JAMES KINYOUN had a son named JOEL KINYOUN who married LOVEY GREGORY. The names, dates of birth, marriages, and deaths in said KINYOUN, GREGORY, and ETHERIDGE families are desired. Is this family named GREGORY related to the GREGORY families living, prior to the Revolution in Nansemond and Isle of Wight Counties, Virginia? (b) HILL—Wanted: Any information concerning MARY HILL who was born in 1758 and married DAVID HENDRICKS, Jr. (One of said parties died in 1822). (c) Wanted: Revolutionary war service of _________GREGORY, father of LOVEY KINYOUN nee GREGORY, (name may have been RICHARD GREGORY); David HENDRICKS; ISAACS BEESON; RICHARD BEESON; GREENBERRY PATTERSON; NICHOLAS DOLL (DULL); and SAMUEL ETHERIDGE. Any information about any of the above mentioned persons will be greatly appreciated  address: MRS.JOHNNIE LOU DAVIS COX, 1205 Glendale Ave., Durham, North Carolina.


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