Query 29 for August 31, 1930


STAINBACK:—Peter Stainback lived in Amelia County, Virginia, in 1774, evidently in that portion of the County afterwards cut off into Nottoway County, for when Nottoway County was formed in 1788, “the new house of Peter Stainback” was mentioned as the place for the Justices to meet to organize the County. He was residing at the County seat of Nottoway County in 1793, where he was the proprietor of an “ordinary,” or as is now called a “Hotel.” His will was dated November 3, 1802, and was probated June 4, 1807 in Nottoway County, in W. B. No. 2, Page 353. As he does not mention his wife in his will, it is assumed that she was dead at that time. It has been said that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, but that assertion has not been verified. True, he furnished supplies to the Continental Army, but no actual service as a solder has been found.

He mentions in his will:

  1. Peter Jr., (who settled in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and married a Miss Davis).
  2. Nancy (married Spencer Thomas, March 3, 1812.
  3. Dolly (Dolly W., who married William Thomas, Feb. 18, 1817).
  4. Mary (Mary Legon (Ligon), who married Thomas Hamlin I, May 5, 1807).

While the will mentions “Mary” other evidence fixes the fact she was Mary Ligon Stainback. In volume 2, page 402, “The Old Free State,” by Landon C. Bell, we find the marriage bond and that they were married by John Jones, a Methodist minister, on the date given above. In the work named, the name “Ligon” is spelled with an “e” but evidence would tend to verify the name as “Ligon,” there being no family there who spell the name as Legon. Mary Ligon Stainbeck was the second wife of Thomas Hamlin I. The name is spelled Stanback, Steinback, Steinbach and Stainback.

Was the wife of Peter Stainback, Sr., a Ligon? Would like to know her Christian name, dates of her birth and death, and names of her parents. If this surmise is not correct, whom did Peter Stainback marry, and when and where? If he married more than once would like names of wives and names of their parents.

Who were the parents of Peter Stainback, Sr. did Peter Stainback, Sr., emigrate or did his parents emigrate from Pennsylvania or Virginia? If so, when? When was Peter Stainback born? Was he a Huguenot refugee?

When and where were Mary Ligon Stainback and Thomas Hamlin I born and when and where did they die?

Would like to get in touch with persons interested in the Stainback lineage. Mr. A H. Stainback, Williamsburg, Virginia, has some data on this line too, and is collecting more. Address: ALFRED H. BURR, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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