Query 24 for August 15, 1930


HALE (HAILE HALLE) Wanted: Information regarding the names of the parents and wife of SHADRACH HALE, called Shad Hale. His family moved from Virginia into North Carolina (probably), then to Tennessee and Kentucky, later returning to Tennessee. He was related to the TURNER family and maybe to the BATTLE (BATTLES — BATT) family. He mentioned to his children that the names of Shadrach and Meshach were both used in his family. This family this family named HALE were related to the HENDERSON family. WILLIAM MADISON HALE, (son of SHAD HALE), married AMANDA JANE ROGERS in Sumter County, Alabama, about 1846. LUCINDA HALE, (daughter of SHADRACH HALE, see above), married ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS (born 1796—died 1869) as his second wife. The said ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS was father-in-law and brother-in-law of WILLIAM MADISON HALE, and he was also the son of the Revelation ELIJAH ROGERS (born 1774—died 1841) who married in 1794 CATHERINE CLACK who was the daughter of HON. SPENCER CLACK (born 1746—died 1832) and Mary BEAVERS (BEAVILL—BEAUVILLIERS) of Virginia and Sevier County, Tennessee. ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS (see above) in served in the Creek War and was Sheriff of Sevier County, Tenn., and was shot through the lungs while trying to arrest a murderer. His first wife was MALINDA HENDERSON, who was a relative of his second wife LUCINDA HALE.  The children of ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS and his first wife MALINDA ROGERS nee HENDERSON were: MARY CATHERINE ROGERS born in 1828; 2. AMANDA JANE ROGERS born in 1830 who married WILLIAM MADISON HALE; 3. MATILDA ANN ROGERS born in 1833. The parents of MALINDA ROGERS nee HENDERSON, (first wife of ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS) (both above mentioned) lived in East Tennessee at one time. Any information about this family named HENDERSON would be appreciated. It is thought that MALINDA ROGERS nee HENDERSON was a granddaughter of JAMES HENDERSON and his wife who was the daughter of HUGH LAWSON. WILLIAM HENDERSON had a daughter CATHERINE HENDESON who married WILLIAM KENNON (CANNON) and their daughter, CYNTHIA KENNON (CANNON) married in 1819 CLACK ROGERS of Sevier County, Tenn. Who was an elder brother of ROBERT HENDERSON ROGERS (see above). CYNTHIA ROGERS nee KENNON (CANNON) and MALINDA ROGERS nee HENDERSON were cousins. — Wanted: To learn the names of the wife of JAMES HENDERSON (see above) and the names of all his children and grandchildren. Address: MRS. LUCILE GIBSON PLEASANTS, 1186 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.


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