Queries 30-32 for September 15, 1930


ELLIOT—Wanted: The names, dates, etc., or any information obtainable concerning the parents and other ancestors of JAMES ELLIOT and THOMAS ELLIOT (they were brothers), who served in the Sixth Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary war. Any data will be greatly appreciated. Address: MRS. SALLIE LEE LIGHTFOOT, 212 Church Street, Paris, Texas.’’


DUNCAN—Wanted: Further data regarding the ancestors and descendants of JOHN DUNCAN of Fauquier County, Virginia and WILLIAM DUNCAN of Culpeper County, Virginia. JOHN DUNCAN, (II) (Son of JOHN DUNCAN named above), with wife, DINAH DUNCAN nee__________ and RICE DUNCAN (son of WILLIAM DUNCAN named above), with wife, ELIZABETH DUNCAN nee__________, lived in Fauquier County, Virginia prior to 1773. ___________ WILLIAM DUNCAN (born 1750) who was the son of JOHN DUNCAN (II.) and DINAH DUNCAN nee__________ (see above); married, in 1780 LYDIA DUNCAN (born 1756) who was the daughter [of] RICE DUNCAN and ELIZABETH DUNCAN nee ___________ (see above), and they then said RICE and ELIZABETH DUNCAN migrated to Kentucky, about 1800, and lived in Nicholas and Harrison Counties, Kentucky ___________ I am compiling a DUNCAN GENEALOGY of the DUNCAN families of Virginia and solicit correspondence from all DUNCAN descendants and especially from descendants of the above named persons. Address: MRS.  LINNIE W. BARRETT, 3903 Travis Ave., Dallas, Texas.


ERWIN—DODSON—Wanted: Information concerning the ancestors and descendants of JOHN ERWIN (JOHN L. ERWIN) who was born in 1807 in North Carolina and migrated when a boy with his father and his father’s family to East Tennessee. The said JOHN  ERWIN (JOHN L. ERWIN) had several brothers and a sister and the names of three of his brothers were: James Erwin, William Erwin, and Joseph Erwin. He married twice in Tennessee and the name of his first wife was McMinn. Issue by this marriage was two children: a son named Campbell Erwin and daughter name unknown. The name of his wife in his second marriage was DODSON. There were six children in this marriage, (three boys and three girls), of whom HENRY C. ERWIN (my father) was the fourth child, and youngest son, and was born November 18th, 1848 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee. The said JOHN ERWIN (JOHN L. ERWIN) migrated from Tennessee to Cherokee County, Alabama in 1850 where he raised his family by his second wife. Information is especially desired concerning the parents, brothers and sisters of JOHN  ERWIN (JOHN L. ERWIN) who as above stated was born in 1807 in North Carolina and also regarding the children of his first marriage, namely Campbell Erwin who migrated west, raised a family and was drown (sic) in the Red River about 1880; and the daughter whose name is unknown, (at present), who married and also migrated west where her husband died and it is understood that she later returned to Tennessee. Correspondence solicited from descendants or persons having knowledge of this family. Address: H. M. ERWIN, P. O. Box 268, La Grange, Troup County, Georgia.


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