Queries 26-27 for August 31, 1930


DAVIS —  KELLEY:—Wanted: Any information concerning the ancestry of NANCY DAVIS who married JOHN KELLEY. The maiden name of the mother of NANCY KELLEY nee DAVIS was MISS__________LUCKETT and the name of her father was presumed to be THOMAS DAVIS from Virginia or North Carolina. NANCY DAVIS (see above) was living in 1820 in Surry County, North Carolina. She was (at that time) the widow of JOHN KELLY (sic) and living with her was her son, TOMAS DAVIS KELLEY and four other children. Any data will be appreciated. Address—MRS. R. M. HERRON, Historian, Governor John Milledge Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, P. O. Box 198, Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia.


LIGHTFOOT — ALLEN—Wanted: Any genealogical data concerning the following families named LIGHTFOOT and ALLEN. DR. THOMAS LIGHTFOOT who was born in 1770 was living in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1792. He married SARAH ALLEN in said County in 1801. Their children were 1. Henry Cole Lightfoot born 1802, married Elizabeth Simmons. 2. John Frazier Lightfoot born 1805, married Maleana McKissack. 3. Narcissa W. Lightfoot born 1810, married John Miller. 4. Nancy Ann T. Lightfoot born 1812, married Asa Messenger. 5. Robert W. Lightfoot born 1815, married Adelia Reid. This family migrated to Lawrence County, Alabama in 1819. MRS. SARAH LIGHTFOOT  nee ALLEN was born in 1780 and was the daughter of DAVID ALLEN who was born in Elizabeth, (now Union County), New Jersey in 1758; migrated to North Carolina and enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Surry County, North Carolina. Query 1—Wanted: The names of the parents of DR. THOMAS LIGHTFOOT and the name of the county in Virginia in which he was born. Query 2—Wanted: The name of the wife of DAVID ALLEN, (see above) and any data connecting this family. Would like to correspond with any descendants of said LIGHTFOOT and ALLEN families. Address: MISS SALLY LEE LIGHTFOOT, 212 Church Street, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.


212 Church Street, Paris, Lamar County, Texas.
September 8, 1930
Dear Miss Lightfoot:
Referring to your query number 27, published in the seventh installment of the Department of Genealogy and History under date of August 31, 1930, entitled “Lightfoot—Allen.” I believe if you communicate with Mr. W. I.. Lightfoot, General Passenger Agent, Louisville and Nashville Railroad, at Louisville, Kentucky, you will very likely find that he is a descendant of the Davidson County, Tennessee, Lightfoot family. The above Mr. Lightfoot was formerly General Passenger Agent of the Nashville, Chattanooga and the St. Louis Railway with offices at Nashville, Tenn. and had resided in that city for many years.
Very respectfully,
Member No. 127 Mountain Branch Genealogical and Historical Society

P.S. Carbon copy to Mr. James Madison Davis:

Dear Sir:
You cannot realize how highly interested I am with “Our” department work from a genealogical standpoint. I have just about completed a history of one branch of the PARK family (my line)  and will at a later time have something to write you. My files of the department are complete and I have the best looking scrap book you ever looked at.


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