Queries 21-23 for August 15, 1930


MACMAHAN — Wanted: Any genealogical or historical data concerning the MACMAHAN family also any intermarried lines. A MACMAHAN family records in my possession reads as follows: 1. JAMES MACMAHAN born 1714.—Died 1799. Wife “SUSANNAH” born 1718—Died 1802———.” 2. (Son). JOHN MACMAHAN born May 23d. 1741.—Died———. Wife “SALLIE,” niece of Daniel Boone. Born————-. Died 1777. Buried at Boonsborough, KY. 3. (Grandson). JAMES MACMAHAN born January 13, 1771 on Yadkin River in North Carolina.—Died February 24th, 1821.—Wife LETITIA ASBURY born January 21st, 1778 in Virginia.—Died January 30th, 1864 in Indiana. Information is especially wanted regarding “SUSANNAH,” wife of JAMES MACMAHAN,  (first mentioned), and “SALLIE,” niece of Daniel Boone, wife of JOHN MACMAHAN. The dates of these marriages will be appreciated.—Address.—W. T. BREEZE, Brooksville, Bracken County, KY.


MOSELEY DAVIS Wanted: Information concerning the ancestry of ROBERT MOSELEY who died on Cedar Creek, Edgefield District, South Carolina, in 1796. Mentioned in his will are: Wife Penelope; children—daughters, Anna, Lyda, and Penelope Moseley; daughters married, Elizabeth Vann, Sarah Hagood, Martha Stallings, Susannah Adams, RACHEL DAVIS, Mary Holsonbache; sons, Edward, John, Robert, Jr., Jesse, Daniel, and Thomas Moseley. Evidently ROBERT MOSELY, SR., was remarried more than once as the mother of Edward Moseley was named Mary not Penelope as mentioned in his will. Data on any of the above persons will be welcome but it is particularly desired regarding RACHEL DAVIS nee MOSELEY who married ————- DAVIS. Address: Revelation FRANKLIN SHACKELFORD MOSELEY, (Residence Burnt Corn), Post Office, Evergreen, Conecuh County, Ala.


NORVELL ROBERTSON GANNAWAY Wanted: Any genealogical or historical data about the NORVELL, ROBERTSON, and GANNAWAY families. There seems to have been but one family named Gannaway in this country. GEORGE NORVELL, who was a descendant of HUGH NORVELL, of Bruton Parrish, Virginia, was the father of SARAH NORVELL, and 4 other children. SARAH NORVELL married JEFFERY ROBERTSON of Buckingham County, Virginia. RHODA ROBERTSON who was the daughter of JEFFERY ROBERTSON married GREGORY GANNAWAY. Address, MISS KATHARINE K ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.


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