Query 6 for May 31, 1930


HEARNE—Wanted: The names and addresses of any Hearne families living in Wilson County, Tenn., or vicinity who are descended from the pioneer family named HEARNE or HEARN who settled near Lebanon, Wilson county, Tenn. (W. L. H.)


HEARNE—May 31, 1930 issue—W. L.—Regarding the pioneer family named HEARNE, (or HEARN), who were early settlers in Wilson County, Tennessee, the Editor of this department has received information stating that about the time of the Civil War (1861-1865) that several brothers of this family emigrated from Wilson County, Tennessee to Southern Illinois and settled near each other in a community now called Union Grove, (post office, Pittsburg, Ills.), Williamson County, Illinois. The descendants of the HEARNE, (or HEARN), brothers have been numerous and while there has been several of said descendants who have migrated to other localities there still remains many of the name and relationship (under intermarried names) in that vicinity. They have (from the days of the migration from Tennessee down to the present time), always been noted in that community as a law abiding, God fearing, and temperate family. Quite a number of years ago a history of this HEARNE, (or HEARN), family was written and also a family tree was engraved that combined, (so we have been informed), both the Wilson County, Tennessee and the Williamson County, Illinois, branches of the family. The author of said history, (so we have been informed), was WILLIAM T. HEARNE, (now deceased), who formerly lived in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. His daughter, Miss Margaret Hearne is no (1930) living at 409 North Pleasant Street, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. MR. WALTER LEON HEARNE, P. O. Box 168, Maryville, Madison County, Illinois, has recently received a letter from MISS MARGARET HEARNE, (above mentioned). In this letter she says, in part, viz.:

Independence, Missouri.
Mr. Walter L. Hearne:
Dear Mr. Hearne:
Your wife received and I am sorry to tell you that I have no more family trees or histories on hand. You might write “Cramer’s Book Store,” 1321 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Missouri. They sometimes have second hand copies. I go very seldom to Kansas City, Missouri or I would see about it for you. Hope that you can find one.

Mr. WALTER LEON HEARNE is a grandson of one of the HEARNE, (or HEARN) brothers who migrated (as above stated), from Wilson County, Tennessee to Southern Illinois. In case any of our Readers should know of a copy of the HEARNE (or HEARN) family tree or history we will be pleased if you would inform this department or write direct to MR. WALTER L. HEARNE, at the above address—The Genealogical Editor.


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