Query 5 for May 31, 1930


STOVER—Wanted: The names and addresses of any of the descendants of JOHN STOVER who was an early settler in White County, Tenn. His son, Samuel Stover, and his grandson, -Samuel Stover, Jr., formerly lived near Sparta, White county, Tenn. (J. W. S.)


STOVER—J. W. S.—May 31, 1930 issue. Family tradition, among the descendants of John Stover (who was a pioneer settler in White County, Tennessee), says that John Stover was born in Pennsylvania and emigrated when a young man to White County, Tennessee, where he raised a large family. If records can be discovered proving that the John Stover of Tennessee and the John Stover of Pennsylvania given in the following records are identical the following data will be of importance. Copied from “Notes and Queries,” 3d. Series, Vol. 1, page 471-472 viz., “Records of Bindnagle’s Lutheran and Reformed Church” located about three miles from Palmyra, Lebanon County, Penn. Ground for church and burial place donated by Hans Bindnagle on January 16, 1753. (Quotation follows):


    Page 471-472 “Family of Jacob Stover: The children of Jacob and Eva Stover were: 1.  Jacob Stover born October 26, 1769; baptized November 11, 1769; sponsor Mathias Hess. 2. Anna Mary Stover born June 28, 1771; baptized July 10, 1771; sponsors John Snoke and Anna Mary Weber. 3. Adam Stover born February 32, 1773; baptized June 9, 1773; sponsors Adam Stober and Mary Weber. 4. Christina Stover born November 26, 1774; baptized December 3, 1774; sponsors John and Christina Stober. 5. JOHN STOVER born September 25, 1776; baptized October 5, 1776; sponsors John and Christina Stober. 6. Margarate Stover born November 2, 1778; baptized November 18, 1778; sponsors George and Mary Gestweid.  7. Valentine Stover born April 16, 1780; baptized May 4, 1780; sponsors George Adam and wife Enis Stober. 8. Margaret Stover, “(second time given),” born March 14, 1782; baptized April 5, 1782; sponsors George Adam and wife Enis Stober.”

Page 465 —Family of John Stover

“The children of John Stover and Barbara Stover were: Eve Elizabeth Stover born June 5, 1780; baptized June 25, 1780; sponsors John William Early and Eva Wolf. 2. George Stover born March 14, 1783; baptized June 18, 1783; sponsors, George Sprecher and Catharine Wolstein.” Information furnished by H. D.


STOVER—May 31, 1930 issue—J. W. S.—We are in receipt of data concerning a branch of the STOVER family that emigrated from Pennsylvania after the Revolutionary War and settled in Tennessee. It is not known at present whether this branch of the family is related to the branch of the Stover family that settled in White County, Tennessee, in pioneer days. Partly on account of “space” in this issue of the Department of Genealogy and History and partly on account of the Genealogical Editor wishing to communicate further with members of this family now living in east Tennessee we have decided to wait until our next issue before publishing the data we have just obtained. The chances are excellent that before “going to press” for our next issue we will have secured additional data that may materially assist in establishing a relationship between these two branches of the STOVER family.—The genealogical Editor.


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