Query 20 for July 31, 1930


DAVIS — NELSON — Wanted: (a) The ancestral lines and all information possible to obtain concerning DAVIS (name may have been WILLIAM) who according to family tradition came from England prior to 1755 and settled on the James River in Virginia. He married a Miss Ransom. Their known children were: 1. WILLIAM RANSOM DAVIS who was born in Virginia in 1755 (see below); 2. Annie Davis who married William Bay; 3. Letitia Davis who married Col. Henderson. WILLIAM RANSOM DAVIS, (see above), migrated to South Carolina and settled on the Santee River. He served as Captain in the Fifth Regiment, South Carolina troops under Gen. Francis Marion. (See South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 13, “Order Book of John F. Grimbe, a return of officers of the Continental Army” for the entry “Captain WILLIAM R. DAVIS, Fifth Regiment, March 14, 1777” (Editor’s note. The date 1777 may not be correct but the query originally said March 14, 1717 which we knew was impossible and changed the date to 1777). The said WILLIAM RANSOM DAVIS lived in the district that is now known as Berkely, Clarendon, and Orangeburg Counties, South Carolina. He married 1st ELEANORE de NORVILLE, and their children were: 1. WILLIAM DAVIS who was born 1778; 2. John Norville Davis; 3. Leanora Davis. He married 2nd. Martha Cantey and their children were: 1. Warren Ransom Davis who was born 1793 and died 1834; 2. Martha Maria Davis who died young; 3. Henry Davis who died young.

    (b) Wanted: The ancestral lines and all information possible to obtain ELISHA NELSON who first appears on the records of Greenville County, South Carolina in 1780. The name of his children were: 1. Thomas Nelson; 2. Elisha Nelson, Junior; 3. William Nelson; 4. Hardy Nelson; 5. Elizabeth Nelson, who married Tilman Davis; 6. Anne who married Thomas _____ (might be Daws or Davis); 7. Mary Nelson who married William Austen. Address: Mrs. R. M. HERRON, 16 South Thornton Ave., Dalton, Georgia.


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