Query 16 for July 15, 1930

[Note: This query of the Mountain Branch Vet was damaged, which damage included missing words, which will be designated by the notation “[….]”. In some cases, words were incomplete and I have guessed, based on context, what these full words might have been. These I have italicized.—Cris Coleman]


Stephen Hamlin, Sr., is said to have come to this country from England prior to 1937, and is said to have settled on the Isle of Wight County, Va. Later on he obtained patents to lands in that portion of Charles City County which was erected into Prince George County in 1702, and into York County. He was a member of the House of Burgesses from Charles City County in 1654, and in 1663. He probably died prior to March 3, [….], when lands in Charles City County were found escheat by proceedings of that date. It is stated by H. F. Andrews in his genealogy of the Hamlin family that he married Mrs. Sally (Poythress) Cryer, but no other evidence that confirm this has been found. If there were other children than Stephen, Jr., who married June______, 1696, Mary Elam, daughter of Martin Elam, would like to know their names.

(Editor’s note: The last date given above i. e. 1696 evidently must be an error if the date 168[….] given below in the next paragraph is correct).

Stephen Hamlin and Mary Elam were the parents of Capt. John Hamlin, a member of Virginia Colonial Militia [….] was also a member of the House of Burgesses in 1714, and 1720 [….] Prince George County, [….] Hamlin married [….] will, proved in Prince George County, May 23, 1720, names se[….] children and one grandson. Thomas. Children are said to be: 1. William, clerk of Prince George in 1714; 2. John II who married Ann Goodrich, daughter of Major Charles Goodrich, of Charles City Co., Virginia; 3. Richard, nominated for Sheriff Prince George County, as shows in Council minutes for 1716. He married Ann Harrison, daughter of Thomas Harrison and Eleanor______; 4. Lucy; 5. Elizabeth (probably married John Hobbs who died in Greenville County, Virginia in 1808; 6. Hannah who married ______Willcox; 7. Thomas Ravenscroft (?) (who may have married Phoebe______, and who may have been the parents of Ann born in 1733).

John Hamlin II, who married Ann Goodrich, died prior to May 11, 1725, when his will was proved by his widow, and brother Thomas Ravenscroft, as executors. They were the parents of: 1. John III; 2. Peter; 3. Charles I, who owned the plantation at Merchant’s Hope Chapel, Lunenburg County; 4. Hubbard; 5. William who was called Captain, and was made a Vestryman in Bristol Parish in 1737. Some records would indicate that he, too, was a clerk of Prince George—or was the reference to his uncle? Is this the William Hamlin who married Christian Burwell, daughter of Lewis Burwell and Ann Spottswood?; 6. Ann; 7. Mary, who married John Innby.

Charles Hamlin I, son of John Hamlin II and Ann Goodrich, was a land processioner in 1741, in Lunenburg Co. He was the father of Charles II. No names of other children are known. Charles Hamlin II was born about 1734 and died about 1786. He lived at Flat Rock, on the Nottoway River, Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co., Virginia. He was a Justice of the County Court in Lunenburg County, from 1766 to 1785. His will was recorded March 6, 1786. He married December___ 1757, Agnes Cocke, daughter of Abraham Cocke and ______. Records show Charles Hamlin II furnished supplies to the Continental Army. They were the parents of Thomas I, names of their children are not known.

Thomas Hamlin I, son of Charles Hamlin II and Agnes Cocke, born 1758, married in Lunenburg County, May 5, 1807 by John Jones, a Methodist minister, and as his second wife, Mary Ligon Stainback, daughter of Peter Stainback and ______ ______. They were the parents of: 1. John, who married Betsy Dillard and moved to Rockford, Surry County, North Carolina; 2. Peter Stainback; 3. Thomas II, born 1808, married Martha Reamy, daughter of James and ______Hughes Reamy at Leakesville, Rockingham County, North Carolina; 4. Charles never married; 5. Lucy never married.

Peter Stainback Hamlin, son of Thomas Hamlin I and Mary Ligon Stainback, born January 31, 1808, died November 6, 1891, married June 12, 1832, Virginia Ann Michaux, daughter of Richard Waters Michaux and Mary Mayo Macon. They moved from near Leakesville, Rockingham County, North Carolina, to near New Concord, Calloway County, Kentucky in 1838. They were the parents of: 1. William Michaux (I), born 1833—died 1839; 2. Richard Franklin, born 1834—died 1894, married 1866 Laura Juliet Boggs, daughter of Dr. Robert Ewart Boggs and Juliet Kelly, of Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky; 3. Mary Macon, born 1835, married Dr. Brasswell; 4. William Penn, born 1837, married 1st, Janette Grogan, married 2nd ______; 5. Virginia Ann Stainback, born 1839, died 1845; 6. William Michaux (II), born 1841, never married; 7. Charles Stainback, born 1842, married 1st, Annie Ridley, married 2nd, Ellen Keys, married 3rd, Annie Morris; 8. Elizabeth Minerva Laura, born 1843, died 1859.

Enquirer would appreciate corrections of any data given with authority used as a basis for correction. Would like confirmation or refutation of statement that Stephen Hamlin I married Mrs. Sally (Poythress) Cryer, or name and any dates available, as to whom he did marry, with names of wife’s parents. Was Stephen Hamlin I a Huguenot who first went to England from France and then came to Virginia? When, and where was he born, married, and who were his parents? When and on what ship did he come to Virginia? When and where were Stephen Hamlin I and Mary Elam, his wife, born and when did they die? When and where was Captain John Hamlin born? What was the surname of his wife, Elizabeth, and when and where was she born, with names of her parents? When and where were John Hamlin II and Ann Goodrich, his wife, born and when and where did they die? When were they married? When and where was Charles Hamlin I born and when and where did he die? Whom did he marry and when, and who were her parents? What are the exact dates of birth and death of Charles Hamlin II and Agnes Cocke, his wife? What were the dates of birth and death of Thomas Hamlin I and his wife Mary Ligon Stainback? Was this the same and identical Thomas Hamlin shown in Virginia County records as a soldier from Lunenburg County, Vo. 2, Page 74? Did he also serve in the War of 1812? Did Charles Hamlin II see any service as a solder in the Revolutionary War?

If there is a[….] who is collecting data on t[….]rn or Virginia line of the Hamlin family, or a reader knows of some one who is, or is contemplating publishing a genealogy on the family, the inquirer would like to secure such name or names, as the case may be, and addresses. He has some other Hamlin data that might be interesting to one collecting data for publication. Address: Alfred H. Burr, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Ark.


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