Query 11 for July 15, 1930


STAUFFER —  STOUFFER — STOVER:—Wanted: DANIEL STAUFFER was born at Alzheim, (near Zurich), Switzerland, about 1630. He died there. His son, JOHANNES STAUFFER, was also born at Alzheim, Switzerland, and in 1685 married KINGET HEISTAND, (widow of Michael Risser), and they were the parents of five children. All of the family of the said JOHANNES STAUFFER with the exception of the eldest daughter left Alzheim, Switzerland, on November 5, 1709 and arrived in London, England, on January 20, 1710. In the spring of the year 1710 they arrived in Philadelphia, Pa. Among the sons of JOHANNES STAUFFER was HENRY STAUFFER who settled in Colebrookdale Township, Berks County, Pa. It must be remembered that in this family from Switzerland to Pennsylvania that the original name was spelled STAUFFER, but that the descendants of said family have changed the spelling of said name as for instance one branch writes the name STOUFFER and another branch has changed the name to STOVER. Questions: 1. Who did HENRY STAUFFER marry and what were the names of his children? 2. Did he have a son, JOHN STAUFFER, SENIOR, who married Ann (Nancy) Shallenberger, who was a daughter of Jacob Shallenberger of Lancaster County, Pa.? 3. If HENRY STAUFFER and Ann (Nancy) Shallenberger, (both above mentioned), were not the parents of the said JOHN STAUFFER, SENIOR, Then who were his parents? Any data in answer to the above questions will be appreciated. Likewise any data to the following named families, viz., BREESE, CULVER, HARTZELL, SHALLENBERGER, STAUFFER, and WORMAN as I am directly descended from said families. Address: Dr. J. Culver Hartzell, Cedar Cottage, Madisonville Road, Blue Ash, Ohio.


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