Query 10 for June 30, 1930


BRENT-MOFFATT-BURR—Wanted: Margaret Brent is said to have married, Henry Moffatt, (as his second wife), who is said to have been born about 1740. The Brent family is said to have lived in or near Alexandria, Virginia. Henry Moffatt resided near Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia. It is related that the home was near enough to Washington, so that the members of the family recall having seen the blaze arising from the burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812. It is also related that such slaves as Henry Moffatt owned were given their freedom shortly prior to his death, which is said to have occurred about 1806. According to the best information available, Margaret Brent Moffatt died about 1819. According to family tradition there was some relationship between the family of Margaret Brent and that of Lord Baltimore. That relationship may have come through her being a descendant of one George Brent, who is said by some authorities to have married Mary Sewell, a stepdaughter of Lord Baltimore, but there is no evidence of it as yet.

Henry Moffatt and Margaret Brent were the parents of the following children: 1. Elby, Eliby, or Eleber, who married John Jordan, and moved to Goshen Township, Belmont County, Ohio, between 1819 and 1825, and later to Indiana. 2. Elizabeth, who married William Burr, in 1827, in Belmont County, Ohio, was born in or near Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, Oct. 24, 1804, and died in 1892 McConnellsville, Ohio.

Henry Moffatt and his first wife—name unknown—were the parents of 3. William, who married Catherine Lodge. She lived in Carrollton, Ohio. 4. Catherine (Katy) married Francis Sidle of Loudoun County, Virginia. 5. Sarah, who married George Athey. 6. John, who married Elizabeth Etcher, of Loudoun County, Virginia. 7. Ellen, who married a Mr. Barrett. 8. Some say there was a daughter Nellie, whose mother may possibly have been Margaret Brent.

All of the children, except Sarah, Catherine, and John Moffatt are said to have emigrated to Ohio. John Moffatt was said to have served as a drummer boy—though possibly not properly enlisted—when about 16 years of age in the War of 1812 and served at Ft. McHenry, although Government records do not disclose proof of this service. Children of Elizabeth Moffatt and William Burr were: 1. Alcinda Jane, died  in infancy. 2. Alfred, born July 31, 1829. It is related that Elizabeth Moffatt and her family were Presbyterians.

The name Moffatt is spelled in several different ways: Maffatt—Moffett—Moffatt—Moffitt, Maffett, etc. 1, who were the parents of Margaret Brent and Henry Moffatt? 2. When and where were Margaret Brent and Henry Moffatt born; when and where did they die, and when and where were they married? 3. Did Henry Moffatt serve in the Revolutionary War? Note—It is thought by some that possibly Margaret Brent came from some line of the Stafford County, Virginia, Brents. According to the Stafford County records, there was a William Brent who died there between 1726-1748. And also a William Brent and a George Brent who died between 1767-1783. Wills or final settlements of estates of one of these Brents might establish the family of Margaret Brent. Are these records available, or are they lost? Address: Alfred H. Burr, P. O. Box 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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