Queries 7-9 for June 30, 1930


BLEDSOE-RAMSEY—Wanted: Further information is desired concerning Colonel Anthony Bledsoe and Mary Bledsoe nee Ramsey. They were among the founders of Tennessee. Additional data regarding their ancestral lines will be appreciated. Address: Colonel R. H. Peck, Genealogical Editor of the Department of Genealogy and Historic Societies, Hearst’s Sunday American, Atlanta, Georgia.


ADAMS—Wanted: Additional information regarding a family named Adams who migrated from Virginia to Owen County, Kentucky. (Owenton, the county-seat of said county is located between 20 and 25 miles almost directly north of Frankfort, Kentucky). In the year of 1824 they again migrated from Owen County, Kentucky to some other locality in the State of Indiana. In this family there was a Dr. Reuben Adams. He had a wife named Mary Adams (maiden name unknown) and also a large family of children. The name Fothergill Adams is found in this family line. Address: Mrs. P. W. Patrick, Assistant Librarian, Genealogical Division, Public Library of the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.


BILLINGSLEY—BILLINGSLY—BILLINGLEA—Wanted: We would be glad to hear from any party of this name or related families of this name. From material collected during the past twenty years an extensive family history will soon be started. This will comprise every family of this name in the United States regardless of relationship. Address: Major Harry A. Davis, 316 Shepherd Street, Northwest, Washington, D. C.


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