Queries 76-77 for January 31, 1931


PATTON—McCLINTOCK—POINTS—COWAN—BENNETT—Wanted: Further information regarding the following persons: (a) COL. JOHN MERCER PATTON, a soldier of the Revolution, who lived in North Carolina and married SUSANNA McCLINTOCK. (b) ANDREW PATTON who married MARY PATTON (daughter of JOHN PATTON and FANNIE PATTON nee POINTS. ANDREW and MARY may have been born in Kentucky. (c) ANDREW DUNLAP PATTON married NANCY COWAN on March 22, 1831 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. They evidently moved away from Nicholas, Co., Ky., soon after their marriage as up to the present date I have found no other trace of them in said county. (d) DAVID PATTON married Clara Bennett in Kentucky, studied medicine, and practiced same in Indiana after the War between the States. His wife was a Southern sympathizer and he was Northern in his ideas.—Any information whatsoever concerning any of the persons named above regarding dates of births, marriages, deaths, proof of residence, etc., will be gratefully received. Address: MISS EDNA MERLE BROWN, 1128 N. W. 14th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


TAFT—FARNUM—BROWN-NEWELL—Wanted:  Information regarding the following Massachusetts and New Hampshire family lines. | SILAS TAFT married MARY FARNUM and lived in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Their son was | EPHRAIM TAFT who was born on July 14, 1749; married on January 21, 1791, ABIGAIL BROWN; and died in Winchester, New Hampshire. She died in the same town. Their son was | RUFUS TAFT who was born on November 10, 1783 in Richmond, New Hampshire; married on March 10, 1807, CATHERINE NEWELL, (daughter of JOSEPH NEWELL), of Richmond, New Hampshire; and died on May 24, 1840 in Winchester, New Hampshire. She was born on September 10, 1785; married as above stated; and died September 21, 1840 (date from gravestone in Winchester, New Hampshire). Queries: What were the names of the children of | EPHRAIM TAFT and ABIGAIL TAFT nee BROWN. What were his services in the Revolutionary war? | Was there another EPHRAIM TAFT and if so who did he marry? Any information regarding any of the above named persons and their ancestral lines will be appreciated. Address: MRS. HENRY WILLIAM ENGLISH (MRS. SARAJOHN ENGLISH), Regent Chapter National Society of the Daughters of 1812), 844 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, Illinois.


Query 75 for January 31, 1931


(a) COFFMAN—FRY (FREY). Christian Coffman, Sr. (July 4, 1769—Apr. 6, 1854) married Barbara Frey (Fry) (Apr. 6, 1770-July 27, 1813). Their homes were Rockingham and Augusta Counties, Virginia. Wish parents of both.

(b) WEAVER—STOVER. David Weaver (Apr. 1, 1788-Jan. 9, 1857) married Eva Stover. They lived in Centre County, Pa., and moved to Wayne County, Ohio. Wish parents of both.

(c) MOYER—STAUFFER. Matthias Moyer (Apr. 29, 1801-Aug. 1, 1859) married (2nd) Elizabeth Stauffer (Stouffer) Sept. 5, 1813—Aug. 4, 1887). They lived in Wayne County, Ohio, and Miami County, Indiana. Wish parents of both.

Address Dr. J. CULVER HARTZELL, Madisonville Road, Blue Ash, O.

Query 74 for January 15, 1931


BOSLER (BOSSLER)—WEILER—REESER—Wanted: Further information is desired concerning the above named Pennsylvania families. The following information has been obtained from various sources. (a) JOH. (sic) WILHELM BOSSER, (born 1715 in Germany (Palatine)—died in Windsor Township, Berks Co., Penn. about 1782), arrived in America on the “Bilander Thistle,” October 28, 1738, aged 23 years, and settled in Berks Co., Penn. he was the owner of 150 acres of land in the above mentioned Township and county and was variously known as JOHN WILHELM BOSSLER (BOSLER) or WILLIAM BOSSLER (BOSLER). He married CATHRINA (CATHARINE) WEILER and records have been found of the birth of five children. She died intestate and letters of administration were granted to her oldest son, Henry Bosler. The children of JOHN WILHELM BOSSLER and wife CATHRINA (CATHARINE) were 1 Henry Bosler (Bossler), who married Elizabeth Carver, and served as a 2nd Lieut. in the Revolutionary War. His father-in-law John Carver, was a private in the same company. Among the relics in the possession of descendants were some silver buttons engraved with the letters, H. B. that are said to have come to America at the time of the emigration of JOHN WILHELM BOSSLER. Like his father the said Henry Bosler (Bossler) owned 150 acres of land in Windsor Township, Berks Co., Penn., and was also a farmer. His will was dated on December 28, 1790. 2 According to records of baptisms of Moselem Church, Richmond Township, Berks Co., Penn., two of the children of WILLIAM (JOHN WILHELM) BOSSLER (BOSLER) and his wife CATHARINE (CATHRINA) were baptized in said church. One of said children was John Georg (sic) Bossler, 1749, sponsor, J. Geo. Merklin. The other child was (3) John Jacob Bossler, Nov. 29, 1752, sponsors J. Jacob Junker and Anna M. 4. According to the records of the baptisms of Dunkel’s Church two of the children of WILLIAM (JOHN WILHELM) BOSSLER (BOSLER) and his wife CATHARINE (CATHRINA) were baptized in said church.  One of said children was Mary Margaret Bossler who was born on September 8, 1754. The other child was (5) CHRISTIAN BOSSLER, (see below), and the sponsors of his baptism were Christian Hausnecht and Elizabeth. These records were all in German script. John Georg. Bossler, John Jacob Bossler, and CHRISTIAN BOSSLER, (see below), were all farmers in Windsor Township, Berks Co., Penn., and each owned 150 acres of land.

    (b) CHRISTIAN BOSSLER (BOSLER), see above, was born on October 8, 1758, and married ELIZABETH REESER, (daughter of PHILIP REESER, who died in Bern Township, Berks Co., Penn. on June 4, 1789, and his wife ELIZABETH (maiden name unknown). After the census of 1790 the said CHRISTIAN BOSSLER (BOSLER) moved to Rye Township, Cumberland Co., Penn., where died on February 9, 1808 and left a widow ELIZABETH and six children. Two of the oldest children were of age and their names were not given. The names of the minor children were: John Bosler, Benjamin Bosler, SAMUEL BOSLER, (see below), and Jacob Bosler.

    (c) SAMUEL BOSLER, see above, was born on March 2, 1793 and died on August 30, 1829in Carlisle, Penn. He married Margaret (maiden name unknown) who was born on December 15, 1795 and died on August 27, 1854 in Carlisle, Penn. They were the parents of four children, namely: 1. THOMPSON BOSLER who was born on May18, 1816 in Carlisle, Penn. and died on January 28, 1880 in Clinton, Illinois. 2. John Bosler. 3. James Bosler. 4. Wilts Bosler who died in Carlisle, Penn., at the age of 19 years. QUERY: What was the maiden name of MARGARET _______, who married SAMUEL BOSLER, and who were her parents? It has been surmised that her name might have been Thompson or Wilson. The Thompson family of Carlisle, Penn., do not remember of having heard or read about any member of the Thompson family who married into the Bosler family. Additional information on any or all of the above mentioned persons will be appreciated. Address, MRS. LIDA BOSLER HUNTER, 1020 Bush St., San Francisco, Calif.

(Editor’s note: We are in receipt of some valuable data from MRS. LIDA BOSLER HUNTER, 1020 Bush St., San Francisco, California, regarding early NEW YORK and PENNSYLVANIA families that will be published in the Genealogical Department of the Mutual Aid Genealogical Society in the near future.)

Query 73 for January 15, 1930


GABBERT (GEBERTH) —KING—BROWN—LONDERMAN—Wanted: Further genealogical data concerning certain ranches of these families who resided in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The following information has been obtained and additional data is desired. (a) MICHAEL GEBERTH with wife SABINA (maiden name unknown) lived in Chester Co., Penn. In the same neighborhood was a family named Koenig who later migrated to Virginia and settled in either Orange or Albemarle Counties. The said MICHAEL GEBERTH and family also migrated to Virginia (exact date unknown) and lived near the Koenig family mentioned above. MICHAEL GEBERTH (I.) and wife SABINA (see above) had a son named MICHAEL (II.) who evidently changed the spelling of the name to GABBERT (see below).

(b) MICHAEL GABBERT (II.) born in Penn. he married KATHARINE (CATHERINE) KING. Family tradition says that they were very likely ar in Orange Co., Va. A notation in an old song book says that they “Settled somewhere in the Shanandoah Valley”. Their children were: 1. MICHAEL GABBERT | (see below); 2. John Gabbert who died when a child; 3. Jacob Gabbert; 4. Mathias Gabbert; 5. Margaret Gabbert; 6. Catherine Gabbert who married Phillip Horn (a common German name). Many persons from this family of children are supposed to have migrated to the Green River section of Kentucky. Some of this family lived in Overton Co., Ky., and some of them later moved into Clinton Co., Ky., whose descendants still reside.

(c) MICHAEL GABBERT (III.) see above, was born in 1765 (or 1768) and was very likely the first born of his parents. He died in 1840 (or in April 1843). He was a soldier of the Revolution in at least two different regiments, viz., Three months in Captain Moore’s Company, Col. Vance’s Virginia Regiment, and there months in Capt. William’s (sic) Company, Col. Boger’s (might be Roger’s) Va. Regiment, enlisting in the spring of 1781. He was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his army at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781. (He was allowed a pension by the U. S. Government under the Act of 1832 while residing in Mercer County, Ky. Have number of pension claims). After the Revolutionary War and while he was still a young man he left his relations and “Went in search of a wife down in EASTERN TENNESSEE, and stopped in CARTER CO.” There he met and later, about 1788 married ELIZABETH BROWN, who was the daughter of BENJAMIN BROWN and SUSANAH (SUSAN) BROWN nee LONDERMAN. The said ELIZABETH GABBERT nee BROWN was born about 1768 and died in 1855 in Iowa. According to family tradition it is presumed that the said MICHAEL GABBERT (III.) may have known the Brown family in Virginia, (probably Albemarle County, Orange County, or the Shenandoah Valley), and went to visit them in EAST TENNESSEE. It is thought that the Brown family was probably German and spelled the name Braun. Also it is thought that MICHAEL GABBERT and ELIZABETH BROWN were married in East Tennessee about 1788 as their oldest child was born either in Tennessee or Virginia on October 23, 1789. Their children were: 1. HENRY GABBERT, see below; 2. Michael Gabbert (IV.); 3. David Gabbert; 4. Benjamin Gabbert; 5. Jesse Gabbert; 6. John Gabbert; 7. William Gabbert; 8. George Gabbert; 9. Jacob Gabbert; 10. Susan Gabbert; 11. Catharine Gabbert; 12. Mary Gabbert; 13. Celia Gabbert; 14. Elizabeth Gabbert.

(d) HENRY GABBERT, (see above), married KATHARINE HOLSAPPLE, and their daughter was ELIZABETH GABBERT who married ISAAC SHELBY BUSKIRK and their daughter KATHARINE ADELAID BUSKIRK who married WILLIAM HENRY YODER and their son was the undersigned Albert H. Yoder. Further ancestral lines of the above mentioned persons will be greatly appreciated. Especially regarding the GABBERT—KING—BROWN families. Address: ALBERT H. YODER, Director of University Extension, University of North Dakota, 507 Reeves Drive, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Query 72 for January 15, 1930


CHAMBLIN—Wanted: further information regarding the ancestral lines and descendants of George Chamblin who was born —— 1748, and died in Bourbon Co., Kentucky on Sept. 23, 1821. the tax list of Frederick Co. Va. from 1783-1794, contains the name of George Chamblin. His name appear for the first time on the tax list of Bourbon Co. Ky.  In 1795. He was married twice and had children by each wife. His children by an earlier marriage, (name of wife unknown) were: 1. Betsey Foster; 2. Polly Harper (given name duplicated – see below), who was born on April 28, 1778, (for further information see query 66, (DAVIS CHAMBLIN) in the issue of December 15, 1930 in this department). 4. Moses Chamblin who was the father of Nelson Chamblin and Baylis Chamblin of St. Louis, Missouri. Nelson Chamblin, just mentioned was the grandfather  of beautiful Nellie Hazeltine (Mrs. Frederick Caramore).

The said George Chamblin (first mentioned), and by his last wife, Frances ____ (maiden name unknown) the following named children. (a) William Chamblin who was married three times (see paragraph below for further information). (b) Dr. George Chamblin (name duplicated — see below), who died in New Orleans, La., on Feb. 13, 1820. The Draper Collection has a letter written by him from London, England., dated May 22, 1819 (c) James Chamblin, (estate settled in Bourbon Co., Ky. before 1826). (d) John Chamblin, (estate settled in Bourbon Co., Ky. before 1826). (e) Coleman F. Chamblin who was married twice and lived for a while with his first wife, America Vivion, in Boone Co., Ky. Their children were: Ann Chamblin; America V. Chamblin and Signoria Chamblin. His second wife was Eliza Lovering and their children were: George Chamblin; Mary Chamblin; Flavel Chamblin; Robert L. Chamblin. The said Coleman F. Chamblin died in Higginsville Missouri in 1857. (f) Dr. Braxton Winn Chamblin who was the Yooungest child and was born on March 16, 1805, and died on Jan. 21, 1865 in Boone County, key. He was a member of the Kentucky state legislature in 1859. He married his first wife, Margaret McClanahan, in Fayette Co. Ky. in 1832 and married his second wife, Elizabeth Love, in Boone Co., Ky. in 1844. (g) Polly (given name duplicated — see  above). (h) Mary Chamblin (will probated in 1824). (i) Lucy Chamblin whose estate was settled in Bourbon County, Ky. before 1826. (j) Nancy Chamblin who married, on Apr. 25, 1804, Stephen Johnson Winn of Clarke Co., Ky. (k) Frances Chamblin married Dr. Daniel A. Million Aug. 8, 1822. Their son Dr. John L. Million lived in Springfield, Illinois.

William Chamblin.(a) see above, was married three times. The issue by his first wife, Nancy Chamblin was: George Chamblin. He married second on March 10, 1811, Mary Ann Keas who was the daughter of Isaac Keas (of Clarke County, Kentucky), and his wife Mary. The issue of the said William Chamblin and his second wife, Mary Ann Chamblin nee Keas were: William Chamblin, Jr., Isaac Chamblin, and Mary Chamblin. He married third, on September 21, 1824, Isabella Richardson in Clarke County, Ky. Their issue as follows: John Latimer Chamblin Marquis Richardson Chamblin, Isabella Chamblin, Lucy Chamblin, and Henrietta Chamblin. _______ The said GEORGE CHAMBLIN (born 1748 and died 1821), first above mentioned, and his last wife FRANCES—(maiden name unknown) were members of the Bryan Station Baptist Church in Kentucky. Additional information concerning the above mentioned persons will be greatly appreciated by the undersigned. Address: MRS. MADELEINE SMITH, 1410 South 18th Street, Birmingham, Ala.

Query 71 for January 15, 1930


(a) ANDERSON & WILLIAMS—MASSIE—POINDEXTER Wanted: the following information. Was Robert Anderson (1) (about1640-1712) of New Kent and Hanover Counties, Virginia, and wife Cecelia Massie, father of Thomas Anderson of Hanover and Albemarle Counties who died in 1758, naming children but not his wife in his will, (made 1757)? Cecilia Massie is said to have been a daughter of D. Massie and Lucelia Poindexter. Is this true, and who were D. Massie and Lucelia Poindexter? Susanna, daughter of Thomas Anderson, married a Williams: Roger Williams, John Gannaway, Sr., and John Gannaway, Jr., were witnesses of his will. Who was Susanna’s husband? Shall be glad to hear from anyone interested in this Thomas Anderson, as well as the Massie and Poindexter Families. (See address given below).

(b) LEASURE—LE SUEUR. Abraham LeSueur and wife Catherine Poinsett came to South Carolina about 1695. Was he related to an Abraham Leasure whose son John Leasure was born 1760, York County, (now Adams), Penn.? Abraham Leasure of York County, Pa., had the following children: Daniel Leasure born 1758; John Leasure born 1760 and married Sarah Crow; Abraham Leasure married Jane Marshall; Mary Leasure married John Endig; Margaret Leasure married Frederick Weaver; Elizabeth Leasure married Henry Clever. This family lived in Westmoreland County, Pa. during the Revolutionary War. Further information desired. (See address given below).

(c) BONNER—James Bonner and wife Nancy lived in Xenia, Ohio in 1818. Can anyone give me any information about them? (See address given below).

(d) CROUCH—CHRISFIELD. John Crouch married Sept. 22, 1691, in Cecil County, Maryland, Cornelia Chrisfield. Further information desired.

(e) PENNINGTON —— Amos Pennington, born 20th of 5th month, 1764, Bucks County, Penn., in 1768 went with his parents to Gunpowder M. M., Baltimore County, Maryland and about 1788 or 1789 went to Huntington County, Penn. He married Elizabeth ____. Who was born October 4, 1770, died July 25, 1831. Who was Elizabeth? Was she an Emerson? (See address given below).

(f) KELLY—GLASS—LEASURE—CROSBY. Thomas Kelly died in Kent County, Delaware, during the Rev. War. His son James Kelly married Nellie Glass and went from Kent County, Delaware, to Perry County, Ohio. Clarissa Kelly, a daughter of James Kelly, married Isaac Leasure (son of John Leasure and Margaret Crosby), about 1804 in Westmoreland County, Pa. Information about these families desired. Address: MISS KATHARINE KELLOGG ADAMS, 1837 Greenleaf Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Query 70 for January 15, 1930


(a) WHITE—Wanted: Data concerning JOHN WHITE born _________1765. First records found in Ohio County, West Virginia, (near Wheeling, West Virginia), from 1803 to 1814. He afterwards moved with his family to Kingston Township, Delaware County, Ohio. In said county he settled in the so-called “West Virginia District.” The given name of his wife was Charity but surname is unknown at present. Query: What was her surname and what were her ancestral lines? The family names of HALL, LE ROY, and BOYD are connected by tradition with this WHITE family. Wanted: Data as to the relationship and especially the LE ROY and BOYD kinship to the said WHITE family. (See address given below).

(b) BROWN—WHITE—Wanted: Data concerning JOHN BROWN born on April 1, 1782 in ________, Tennessee. He married, on August 15th, 1803, POLLY WHITE, (daughter of JOHN WHITE and CHARITY WHITE, whose maiden name is unknown, see above). The first records of the said JOHN BROWN were found in Ohio County, West Virginia, (near Wheeling, West Virginia), where he married, as above stated. He moved with his family in 1812, to Kingston Township, Delaware County, Ohio and settled in the so-called “West Virginia District” in said county. There is an unknown relationship between this BROWN family and a BOYD family, and there may be some connection with a Hall family. Further data is desired. (See address given below).

(c) ROGERS—WEYANT (WIANT) —Wanted: Data concerning WILLIAM ROGERS born _____ 1774.  He married, abt 1795, ELIZABETH WEYANT or WIANT. He lived in _______, Vermont and was living in ________, New York state, in 1806; in 1814 he was in Wilkes-barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania; then in 1820 in Knox County, Ohio, (near Mount Vernon); and last in Bennington Township, Morrow County, Ohio. The Christian name of Uriah is common in this ROGERS family and the family name of BOYD may be related to said family but if so the relationship is not known at present. Further information is desired. Data especially wanted regarding the said ELIZABETH ROGERS nee WEYANT (or WIANT), wife of WILLIAM ROGERS, both above mentioned. She was “of New York” and was born in 1775. Any further data will be appreciated. Address—MRS. CHESTER MURPHY CULVER, (I’DELL (sic) CLARKE CULVER), 251 Westminister Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.

Query 69 for January 15, 1930


(a) HOWARD—GIBBS—SHARPE. Wanted: Additional information (1) ANNE HOWARD married JOHN GIBBS, marriage bond in Knox County, Tennessee, dated Aug. 4, 1797.  Matthew Harper bondsman and Hugh Lawson White witness. (2) JEAN HOWARD married DANIEL SHARPE. John Gibbs (her brother-in-law), bondsman and Andrew White witness. HOWARD GIBBS, and SHARPE ancestry desired.  (See address given below).

(b) GRILLS. Wanted: Communication desired with the descendants of JOHN and PHILADELPHIA GRILLS who were residents of Albemarle County, Virginia prior to 1764. They removed to Montgomery County, Virginia about 1764 and to Tennessee about 1975. Wills of both filed in Knox County, Tennessee in 1803. They named seven children, viz., 1. Richard Grills; 2. Elliot Grills; 3. John Grills; 4. Eleanor Grills who married the famous Col. Thomas Ingles; 5.  Mildred Grills who married a Johnstone; 6. Martha Grills who married John McAdoo, 2nd; 7. Elizabeth Grills who married a Cox. Information desired regarding the ancestry of JOHN GRILLS and the maiden name and ancestry of his wife, PHILADELPHIA GRILLS. (See address given below).

(c) RHEA—BLAIR—ROGERS. Wanted: Further information regarding these North Carolina and Tennessee families. JESSE RHEA was born in North Carolina in 1779-1780 and married MARGARET BLAIR, (daughter of WILLIAM BLAIR), in 1802 in Blount County, Tennessee. She was born in Maryland in 1785, JESSE RHEA and wife Margaret removed to Monroe County, Tennessee. According to the census of 1850 they had living with them, viz., LEWIS RHEA, age 24 and RILEY RHEA, age 21, both born in Tennessee. Information is desired regarding the parents of this JESSE RHEA who was born in North Carolina in 1779-1780; also the names of his brothers and sisters. He had one brother, given name unknown, who died in Knox County, Tennessee, between 1806-1810. This brother died leaving a widow, (who married a Rogers and removed to Texas), and three sons, viz., Francis Rhea, William H. Rhea, and Lewis L. Rhea. The given name of the father of these three boys and the maiden name of their mother, and the given name of the Mr. Rogers that she married are particularly desired. Address: Mrs. JOHN McCURDY HEADMAN, (MARY HOSS HEADMAN), Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Queries 67-68 for January 15, 1930


DAVIS—Wanted: Additional information regarding SIR JONATHAN DAVIS and his two brothers, CAPTAIN DOLAN DAVIS and NATHANIEL DAVIS, who are said to have emigrated to America from Kent, England, in 1660. SIR JONATHAN DAVIS is said to have settled in Hanover County, Virginia, and had a large grant of land. He married Martha Deayton (sic) Vernon. Ancestral lines and genealogical data concerning descendants desired.—Address, MRS. J. J. DAVIS, (CAMILLA WEBB DAVIS), Stovall, Granville County, North Carolina.


VANDIVER—VANDAVEER. (Name spelled in various ways).—Wanted: Any information regarding the family and ancestral lines of CHARLES VANDIVER, (or VANDAVEER), who was living in either Surry or Rowan Counties, North Carolina prior to 1801. He was in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1801. My bible records show the following: “CHARLES V______ born 1758, had wife, SARAH, children:  Charles, Nancy, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ashbury, James and Sarah.”—Genealogical data regarding the surname and ancestry of SARAH, wife of CHARLES VANDIVER (or VANDAVEER), is also desired. Records of any descendants of this family will be appreciated. Address, Mrs. J. C. STUTZ, Apartment 12, 209 East 46th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Query 66 for December 15, 1930


DAVIS—CHAMBLIN—Wanted: The ancestral lines of the following named persons. MARY DAVIS was born July 18, 1778; married GEORGE CHAMBLIN, (1.), (born April 28, 1778); and lived in Frederick County, Virginia until 1815. They were living in Hampshire County, Virginia in 1820 and in 1831 they were in Jefferson County, Ohio where they lived until their deaths. Their children were: 1. French Chamblin who married Hannah Purcell. 2. Ellzey Chamblin who married Delilah Nixon and lived in Peoria, Illinois. 3. Samuel Chamblin who married Caroline Thornberry. 4. Thomas Chamblin who married Polly Lester. 5. George Chamlin (II.) (Note that this George Chamblin (II.) had later, a half-brother also named George), married first Drusilla Irwin and married second Frances Smith, 6. Aaron Burr Chamlin who married Elizabeth Higgins. 7. Malinda Chamblin who married _______Capper. 8. Elizabeth Chamblin who married first Elijah Cheeseman and married second _____Hall. 9. Sarah Chamblin who married James Longstreth. 10. Nancy who married Ebenezer Sprague. GEORGE CHAMBLIN (I.) (first above mentioned who married MARY DAVIS), had a son by a later marriage who was named George Hamblin the same as the son by the earlier marriage. Further information will be appreciated. Address: MISS MADELEINE SMITH, 1410 South 18th Street, Birmingham, Alabama.